Here is a list of one-word substitutions prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

Here is a list of one-word substitutions prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

"The power of the spoken word is one of life's greatest mysteries. All you will ever be or accomplish hinges on how you choose to govern what comes out of your mouth."...................Cindy Trimm

CLAT UG: One-Word Substitution

1. A backward look or a view into the past - Retrospect

2. A bicycle for two or more people - Tandem

3. A body of persons appointed to hear evidence or judge and give their verdict - Jury

4. A brief or a short stay at a place - Sojourn

5. A broad road bordered with trees - Boulevard

6. A building in which aircraft are housed - Hanger

7. A building where an audience sits - Auditorium

8. A child born after the death of his father - Posthumous

9. A closed political meeting – Caucus

10. A collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place - Cache

11. A collection of slaves - Coffle

12. A decorative ring of flowers and leaves - Wreath

13. A den for small animals - Hutch

14. A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time - Epidemic

15. A disease which is spread by direct contact - Contagious

16. A doctor who specializes in eye diseases the eyes - An ophthalmologist

17. A doctor who treats children – A paediatrician

18. A doubtful look or examination of one's motives - Suspect

19. A dramatic performance - Masque

20. A drawing on transparent paper - Transparency

21. A family of young animals - Brood

22. A figure of speech by which a thing is spoken of as being that which it only resembles - Simile

23. A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth - Geo-stationary

24. A former student of a school, college, or university - Alumnus

25. A forward look or a view into the future - Prospect

26. A funeral or burial rite – Obsequy

27. A general pardon of offenders - Amnesty

28. A geometrical figure with eight sides - An octagon

29. A government by officials - Bureaucracy

30. A group governed by old people - Gerontocracy

31. A group of girls who never fails - Infallible

32. A group of guns or missile launchers operated together in one place - Battery

33. A group of people, typically with vehicles or animals, travelling together - A Caravan

34. A group of things that have been hidden in a secret place – Cache

35. A harsh verbal reprimand – Castigation

36. A large bundle bound for storage or transport - Bale

37. A large burial ground, especially one not in a churchyard - Cemetery

38. A large gathering of people of a particular type - Bevy

39. A mild or indirect expression substituted for an offensive or harsh one - Euphemism

40. A mournful poem or a song - Elegy

41. A person who believes in or tries to bring about a state of lawlessness - An Anarchist

42. A person who deliberately sets fire to a building - Arsonist

43. A Person who is recently married – Neogamist

44. Person believing in free will - Libertarian

45. Person leading a life of strict self-discipline - Ascetic

46. Person who believes that God is everything and everything is God - Pantheist

47. Person who eats too much - Glutton

48. Person who files a suit - Plaintiff

49. Person who insists on adherence to formal rules or literary meaning - Pedant

50. Person with a one-track mind - Monomania

51. A procession of vehicles or ships – Cavalcade

52. A Place that provides refuge - Asylum

53. A Place where wine is made - Brewery

54. A public room or building where gambling games are played - Casino

55. A room in a public building where outdoor clothes or luggage may be left – Cloakroom

56. A shrewish loud-mouthed female - Virago

57. A state of disorder due to the absence of authority - Anarchy

58. A state run by least qualified candidates - Kakistocracy

59. Yearly celebration of a date or an event – Anniversary

60. An arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present - Bouquet

61. Beams that support the roof – Rafter

62. Careful, cautious watch on surroundings - Circumspect

63. Examine one's motives or look inwards - Introspect

64. Expressive in the use of words - Eloquent

65. Generous, forgiving talk - Magniloquent

66. Government not concerned with religious activities – Secular

67. Having the characteristics or nature of both male and female – Androgynous

68. High-sounding pompous speech or writing - Grandiloquent

69. hole or tunnel dug by a small animal, especially a rabbit, as a dwelling - Burrow

70. Informal, less grammatically rigid language - Colloquial

71. Mentally identifying oneself with another person or a thing - Empathy

72. Morbid compulsion to start a fire - Pyromania

73. Morbid compulsion to steal - Kleptomania

74. Morbid compulsion to steal books - Bibliokleptomania

75. Morbid delusion of power, importance, or godliness - Megalomania

76. Morbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a man - Satyromania

77. Morbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a woman - Nymphomania

78. Nobility-powered government - Aristocracy

79. Of noble birth – Aristocrat

80. One person with absolute power - Autocracy

81. One who believes in many Gods - Polytheist

82. One who believes in ruthless self-aggrandizement - Egoist

83. One who believes in the presence of God - Theist

84. One who believes in the theory of only one God - Monotheist

85. One who can use either hand with ease - Ambidextrous

86. One who demands strict conformity to rules - Martinet

87. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession - Amateur

88. One who doesn't believe in the presence of God - Atheist

89. One who doesn't consume alcohol - A teetotaler

90. One who hates marriage - Misogamist

91. One who is all-powerful - Omnipotent

92. One who is always doubting - Sceptic

93. One who is beyond reform - Incorrigible

94. One who is beyond reforms - Incorrigible

95. One who is both inwards and outwards at times - Ambivert

96. One who is converted from one religion to another - Proselyte

97. One who is extravagantly romantic, chivalrous and impractical - Quixotic

98. One who is fond of fighting - Bellicose

99. One who is greedy - Voracious

100. One who is honourably discharged from service - Emeritus

101. One who is in charge of the museum - Curator

102. One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure - Stoic

103. One who is not sure about God's existence - Agnostic

104. One who is unable to pay one's debt - Bankrupt

105. One who journeys from place to place - Itinerant

106. One who knows everything - Omniscient

107. One who knows many languages - Polyglot

108. One who lends money at very high interest - Usurer

109. One who loves books – A bibliophile

110. One who loves his country - Patriot

111. One who loves to speak – Loquacious

112. One who makes an official examination of accounts - Auditor

113. One who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men - Cynic

114. One who speaks for others - A spokesman

115. One who stays away from school without permission – Truant

116. One who studies election trends by means of opinion polls - A psephologist

117. One who takes care of a building - Warden

118. One who thinks or speaks too much of himself - An Egoist

119. One who turns his thoughts inwards - Introvert

120. One who turns his thoughts outwards - Extrovert

121. One who uses fear as a weapon of power - Terrorist

122. One who walks in sleep – Somnambulist

123. One whose motive is merely to get money – Mercenary

124. Opposed to great or sudden change - Conservative

125. Paper/ story/ poem first written out by hand - Manuscript

126. Part of a church in which bells hang - Belfry

127. Partner in crime - Accomplice

128. Parts of a country behind the coast or a river bank - Hinterland

129. Perfectly, highly skilled reached the zenith of art - Consummate

130. Pertaining to cattle - Bovine

131. Place of burial (especially not in the churchyard) – Cemetery

132. Placing a thing beside another - Juxtapose

133. Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP - Outriders

134. Present opposing arguments or evidence - Rebut

135. Pretended attack - Feint

136. Prohibited by law or treaty from being imported or exported - Contraband

137. Property inherited from one's father or ancestors - Patrimony

138. Providing relief - Reprieve

139. Ready to believe anything - Credulous

140. Rebellion against lawful authority - Mutiny

141. Regard for others as a principle of action - Altruism

142. Related to marriage - Matrimony

143. Related to the moon - Lunar

144. Relating to kinship with the father - Patrilineal

145. Relationship by blood or birth - Consanguinity

146. Release of a prisoner from jail on certain terms and conditions - Parole

147. Rules governing socially acceptable behaviour - Etiquette

148. Scale used for measuring the strength of an earthquake – Richter

149. Science of diseases - Pathology

150. Science of Human mind and behaviour - Psychology

151. Science of the races of mankind - Ethnology

152. Science regarding principles of classification - Taxonomy

153. Seeing something which is not actually present - Hallucination

154. Send or bring somebody back to his own country - Repatriate

155. Sentimental longing for a period in a past - Nostalgia

156. Severely abusive writing in journals - Scurrilous

157. Shaking movement of the ground – Tremor

158. Simultaneously affected by similar feelings - Sympathy

159. Something or someone makes you feel deep sadness or pity - Pathetic

160. Strong, deep dislike - Antipathy

161. Succession of rulers belonging to one family - Dynasty

162. Take great pleasure - Revel

163. Talking around, a method of talking indirectly - Circumlocution

164. Tending to move away from the centre or axis - Centrifugal

165. That which can be believed - Credible

166. That which cannot be avoided - Inevitable

167. That which cannot be called back - Irrevocable

168. That which cannot be defeated - Invincible

169. That which cannot be easily read - Illegible

170. That which is perceptible by touch is - Tangible

171. That which is without opposition – Unanimous

172. The compulsion to tell lies - Mythomania

173. The occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection - Happenstance

174. The science of sound – Phonics

175. To bring back into a new body or form – Reincarnation

176. To examine carefully - Inspect

177. To injure one's reputation - Defame

178. To look at someone in an angry or threatening way - Glower

179. To mediate between two parties in a dispute - Intercede

180. To officially take private property away to seize - Confiscate

181. To play the part of and function as some other people - Impersonate

182. To reduce to nothing - Null

183. To remove an objectionable part from a book - Expurgate

184. To renounce a high position of authority or control - Abdicate

185. To secretly store more than what is allowed - Hoard

186. To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination or demand something - Hijack

187. To slap with a flat object - Swat

188. To struggle helplessly - Flounder

189. To supply land with water by artificial means - Irrigate

190. To walk aimlessly - Amble

191. To walk with slow or regular Steps is to – Pace

192. Very pleasing to eat - Palatable

193. Violation of something holy and sacred - Sacrilege

194. Well known for bad qualities - Notorious

195. Wild and noisy disorder - Pandemonium

196. With much liveliness and a sense of purpose - Jauntily

197. Without the risk of punishment - Impunity

198. Word that reads the same as backward or forward - Palindrome

199. Words inscribed on a tomb - Epitaph

200. Words uttered impiously about God - Blasphemy

201. Write or carve words on stone or paper- Inscribe

202. Written law of a legislative body - Statute

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