Here is a list of Words and Phrases of Foreign Origin prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

Here is a list of Words and Phrases of Foreign Origin prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

“A man with a scant vocabulary will almost certainly be a weak thinker. The richer and more copious one's vocabulary and the greater one's awareness of fine distinctions and subtle nuances of meaning, the more fertile and precise is likely to be one's thinking. Knowledge of things and knowledge of the words for them grow together. If you do not know the words, you can hardly know the thing.”.................................... Henry Hazlitt

CLAT UG: Words and Phrases of Foreign Origin

1. A La Carte - On the Menu

2. A La Minute - To the Minute

3. A La Mode - In Fashion, Style

4. A Priori - Based on theory rather than observation

5. Ab Initio - From the beginning

8. Ab Origine - From the origin

9. Acme - The highest point of a structure

10. Acrobat - Wire Walker

11. Actionable Per Se – The very Act is punishable and no proof of damage is required

12. Ad Absurdum - To the point of absurdity

13. Ad Hoc - For the specific purpose, case or situation at Hand

14. Ad Infinitum - Forever, For Ending Period

15. Ad Libitu - At the discretion of the performer

16. Ad Nauseam - To an excessive trend

17. Addendum - An item to be added, especially a supplement to a book.

18. Adieu - Farewell, Good Bye

19. Affaire D’amour - A Love Affair

20. Agitprop - Artistic Political Propaganda

21. Aide De Camp - A Military Officer acting as Secretary and confidential assistant to the Superior of General or flag rank, Camp Assistant

22. Aide-Mémoire - Memory Aid; A Note serving as a reminder

23. Alibi a statement by somebody that says you were in a different place at the time of a crime, elsewhere, a false excuse for absence

24. Alma Mate - The School, College Or University that one has Attended

25. Alma Mater - One's Old School, Mother Institution ( School, College, University) A Person Attended

26. Alpha And Omega - The Beginning and the end

27. Alter Ego - Other (Alternative) Self, A Bosom Friend

28. Ambiance - The Mood, Character, Quality, Tone, Atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment.

29. Amicus Curiae – A friend of the court or member of the bar who is appointed to assist the Court

30. Amnesia - Oblivion

31. Amour-Propre - Self Love; Self Respect

32. Amphibious/Amphibians - Living a Double Life

33. Anachronism - Wrong time reference

34. Anagoge/Anagogy - Spiritual Uplift, reference to a principle

35. Anagram - Transpose the letters of one word so as to form another

36. Analogy: Proportion

37. Analyse/Analysis - Loosen, Simplify

38. Anamnesis - Recollection, Reminiscence

39. Anecdote - Unpublished

40. Anemia - Refers to a Condition characterized by a qualitative or quantitative deficiency of the Red Blood Cells (Or of the Hemoglobin).

41. Anesthetic - Lack of Sensation, Insensibility under surgical treatment

42. Angst - Dread and Anxiety

43. Anno Domin - In a specified year of the Christian era

44. Annus Mirabilis - Wonderful Year

45. Anorexia - Lack of Appetite

46. Antagonize - Struggle against, Prove a match for

47. Ante Meridiem - Before Noon

48. Aperitif - Cocktail

49. Apple Strudel - A Type of Pastry made with thin layers of dough, rolled Up with a fruit filling

50. Apropos - (French Expression) With Reference To

51. Aqua - Water

52. Arthritis - Inflammation of Joint

53. Aspirin - Acetylsalicylic Acid

54. Assentio Mentium The Meeting of Minds

55. Attache - Attached; A Person assigned to a diplomatic post

56. Au Contraire - On the Contrary

57. Au Courant - Up-To-Date

58. Au Gratin - With Gratings; anything that is grated and put on top of a dish, like breadcrumbs or cheese

59. Au Revoi - Used to express farewell

60. Audi Alteram Partem – No man shall be condemned unheard.

61. Bas-Relief - Low Relief/design; Sculpture that is only slightly more prominent than its background.

62. Beau Geste - A Fine or Noble Gesture, Often Futile.

63. Beau Monde - High Society

64. Billet-Dou - A Love Letter

65. Blond / Blonde - Fair-Haired

66. Bolshevik - A Revolutionary or Radical

67. Bon Appétit - Good Appetite; Enjoy Your Meal

68. Bon Mot - A Witty Remark or Comment

69. Bon Vivant - A person who lives luxuriously and enjoys Good Food and Drink.

70. Bon Voyage - Have A Good Trip

71. Bona Fide - Made or Carried Out in Good Faith; Sincere

72. Bonhomie - Friendliness, Sociability

73. Bonjour - Good Morning

74. Boulevard - A Broad City Street. Often tree-lined and landscaped

75. Bourgeoisie - The Middle Class

76. Boutique - A Shop

77. Brunette - Small, Dark-Haired Female

78. Carpe Diem - Seize the day

79. Carte Blanche - Unrestricted power to act on One's Own.

80. Carte Blanche - Authority or permission to do something the way one chooses to do It

81. Carte Blanche – Unlimited Authority

82. Casus Belli - An Act Justifying War

83. Cause Celebre- A Widely Known Controversial Case or Issue

84. Caveat – Let a Person be Aware

85. Caveat Emptor - Let The Buyer Beware

86. Caveat Venditor -Let The Seller Beware.

87. Cemetery - Graveyard

88. Census - Count of Citizens

89. Cerise - Cherry; The French Word for the fruit gives the word for the Colour

90. Certiorari – A writ by which orders passed by an inferior court are quashed.

91. C'est La Vie - That's Life

92. Chaise Longue - Long Chair

93. Charge D'affaires - Charged with Business; A Substitute or Replacement Diplomat

94. Chef D'ouvre - Chief Work; Masterpiece

95. Chic - Stylish

96. Coffee Klatsch (Klatch) - A Casual Social Gathering For Coffee And Conversation.

97. Collum - Collar

98. Comme Ci Comme Ca - So-So

99. Commissar - An Official

100. Corpus – Body

101. Coup D’etat French. The Sudden Overthrow of A Government, Usually By A Small Group of Persons in or Previously in Positions of Authority

102. Coup De Grace: Finishing Blow

103. Coup D'etat - Sudden Overthrow Of A Government.

104. Creme Fraiche - Fresh Cream

105. Crepe De Chine - Chinese Crepe; Soft Fine Or Sheer Clothing Crepe Especially Of Silk

106. Crime Passionnel - Passionate Crime; Crime of Passion

107. Cuisine - Kitchen, Style, or Cuisine Refers Only to a Particular Type of Food/Cooking, Such as French Cuisine, Southern Cuisine, etc.

108. Cuisine French. A Characteristic Manner Or Style of Preparing Food

109. Damnum Sine Injuria – Damage without injury.

110. De Facto – In Fact.

111. De Facto - In Reality, or Fact

112. De Jure – By Law.

113. De Jure Latin. According To Law

114. De Novo – To Make Something new.

115. De Rigueur - Strictly Required, As By Etiquette, Usage, or Fashion

116. Debutante - Beginner; Débutante Is The Feminine Form of Débutant

117. Degustation - Tasting; The French Word Simply Refers To the act of Tasting,

118. Dei Gratia - By The Grace of God

119. Dei Gratia- By The Grace of God

120. Deja Vu -Already Seen/ Felt

121. Democracy - Rule By The People

122. Denatio Mortis Causa – Gift because of Death.

123. Denouement - Finale / Final Part of A Play

124. Detinue – Tort of wrongfully Holding Goods which belong to someone else

125. Deus Ex Machine: A Contrived Device to resolve a Situation

126. Dictum – Statement of Law made By the Judge in the Course of the Decision but not necessary to the decision itself

127. Diesel - The Diesel Engine is named for its German Inventor, Rudolf Diesel

128. Dobermann - Dog Breed named for the German Friedrich Louis Dobermann

129. Dogma-- The Established Belief or Set of Principles Held By A Religion, Ideology Or By Any Organization. .

130. Doli Incapax – Incapable of Crime

131. Doppelganger-- A Ghostly Double, Look-Alike, or Clone of A Person

132. Doppler Effect - Apparent Change in the frequency of Light Or Sound Waves, Caused By Rapid Movement; Named For The Austrian Physicist C.J. Doppler who discovered the effect

133. Du Jour - Of the Day

134. Duma - A Legislative Body

135. Eau De Cologne: Water From Cologne

136. Eau De Toilette - A Very Weak Perfume

137. En Bloc - Together/ In A Group

138. En Masse – A Large Group, in One Group Or Body; Altogether

139. En Route - On The Way

140. En Suite - In Sequence, Part Of A Set, Together

141. Enfant Terrible - An Incorrigible Child; An Outrageously Outspoken Or Bold Person

142. Entente Cordiale - Cordial Agreement

143. Entre Nous - Between Ourselves; Confidentially

144. Ergo - Consequently

145. Erratum - Error; Mistake

146. Erratum - An Error in Printing Or Writing Especially Such an Error Noted in A List of Corrections and Bound Into A Book

147. Estoppel – Prevented From Denying.

148. Et Ceter - And Other Unspecified Things of the same Class; and So Forth

149. Et Cetera - And the rest

150. Ethos - "Accustomed Place." It Refers To A Disposition Or Characteristics Peculiar To A Specific Person, Culture Or Movement

151. Euge! - Well Done

152. Eureka! - I Have Found it

153. Ex Gratia – As A Favour.

154. Ex Officio – Because of an Office Held

155. Ex Officio - By Virtue of Office or Position

156. Ex Parte – Proceedings in the absence of the Other Party.

157. Ex Post Facto- Retroactively

158. Ex-Cathedra - With Authority; Used Especially for those Pronouncements of the Pope that are considered infallible.

159. Extempore - Spoken, Carried Out Or Composed With Little Or No Preparation Or Forethought

160. Factum Probans – Relevant Fact.

161. Fahrenheit - The Fahrenheit Temperature Scale is Named For Its German Inventor, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, Who Invented The Alcohol Thermometer

162. Fait Accompli - An Accomplished Fact, Presumably Irreversible

163. Fait Accompli - An Accomplished, Presumably Irreversible Deed or Fact

164. Fait Accompli - Established Fact

165. Fatum – Beyond Human Foresight.

166. Faux - False

167. Faux Pas - A Social Blunder

168. Feinschmecker - Gourmet

169. Femme Fatale - Deadly Woman; An Alluring, Mysterious Woman Who Seduces Men into Compromising Situations

170. Flagrante Delicto - In The Act

171. Foie Gras - Fat Liver; The Liver Of A Force-Fed Goose, Considered A Delicacy

172. Frankfurter - Hot Dog, Originally A Type of German Sausage (Wurst) From Frankfurt

173. Fraus Est Celare Fraudem – It is a fraud to Conceal A Fraud

174. Functus Officio – No Longer Having Power or Jurisdiction.

175. Gauche - Awkward; Tactless, Lacking Social Grace

176. Genre - Type; Used Mostly In Art And Film

177. Gourmet - A Connoisseur Of Fine Food And Drink

178. Gratis - Without Charge

179. Gratis - Free of Cost, Without Charge

180. Habeas Corpus – A Writ To Have The Body Of A Person To Be Brought In Before The Judge.

181. Harmonia: Agreement, Harmony

182. Haute Couture: High Cuisine; High-Class, Fancy (And Expensive) Cooking or Food

183. Hermaphrodite - Human And Animal Having Both Male And Female Sex Organs

184. Hoi Polloi - The Common People

185. Hypnos - Sleep

186. I.E. (Id Est) - That Is

187. Ibidem - In The Same Place. Used In Footnotes And Bibliographies to Refer to the Book, Chapter, Article, Or Page Cited Just Before.

188. Id Est - That is to Say.

189. Impromptu- Without Preparation

190. In Absentia - While or Although Not Present; In Absence.

191. In Lieu Of – Instead of.

192. In Loco Parentis - In The Place of A Parent

193. In Medias Res - In The Middle of A Sequence Of Occurences

194. In Memoriam - In Memory of; As A Memorial To

195. In Personam – A Proceeding in which relief I Sought against a specific person

196. In Promptu – In readiness.

197. In Situ - Situated in The Original Or Natural Position

198. In Status Quo – In The Present State.

199. In Toto - Totally; Altogether

200. In Vino Veritas - In Wine There Is Truth

201. Injuria Sine Damno – Injury Without Damage.

202. Innuendo – Spoken Words Which Are Defamatory Because They Have A Double Meaning.

203. Inter - Among, Between

204. Interim - Meanwhile, Interval

205. Intra - Within

206. Ipso Facto: By The Fact Itself

207. Joie De Vivre: Joy of Living; The Quality In People Who Live Life To The Fullest

208. Jus – Law or Right.

209. Jus In Personam – Right Against A Specific Person.

210. Jus In Rem – Right Against The World At Large.

211. Jus Non Scriptum – Customary Law.

212. Jus Scriptum – Written Law.

213. Justitia Nemini Neganda Est – Justice Is To Be Denied To Nobody

214. Kindergarten - A School Or Class For Young Children Between the Ages of Four And Six Years.

215. Kudos - Fame or Glory, Usually Resulting From An Important Act Or Achievement.

216. Laissez-Faire - Let It Be - A Policy of Non-Interference.

217. Leitmotif - A Recurrent/Repeated Theme

218. Lex Non-A Rege Est Violanda – The Law Must Not Be Violated Even By The Kin

219. Locus Standi – Right Of A Party To An Action To Appear And Be Heard By The Court.

220. Magnum Opus - A Great Work

221. Magnum Opus Latin - A Great Work Especially A Literacy Or Artistic Masterpiece.

222. Magnum Opus - A Great Work

223. Magnus - Big, Great, Magnitude

224. Mala Fide – In Bad Faith

225. Mammoth - A Prehistoric Mammal

226. Mandamus – We Command. A Writ Of Command Issued By A Higher Court To Government/Public Authority, To Compel The Performance of a Public Duty.

227. Marathon - A Long Distance Race

228. Mardi Gras - Fat Tuesday

229. Mater- Mother

230. Matinee: Morning

231. Melancholy - Sorrowful

232. Memento Mori: A Reminder That You Must Die

233. Mens Rea – Guilty Mind

234. Mise En Scene: The Stage Setting; Surroundings

235. Misnomer – A Wrong or Inaccurate Name Or Term

236. Modus Operandi – Method of Operating

237. Modus Vivendi – Way of Living.

238. Mot Juste - The Exact, Appropriate Word

239. Mutatis Mutandis - Making Necessary Changes

240. Ne Plus Ultra - The Most Intense Degree of A Quality Or State

241. Nemo Bis Punitur Pro Eodem Delicto – Nobody Can Be Twice Punished For The Same Offence

242. Nemo Debet Esse Judex In Propria Causa – Nobody Can Be Judge in His Own Case

243. Nom De Plume - Pen Name

244. Nouvelle Cuisine - New Cuisine; Cooking Style Developed In The 1960's And 70's That Emphasized Lightness And Freshness

245. Novation – Transaction In Which A New Contact Is Agreed upon by all parties to replace an existing contract

246. Oh La La: Oh Dear

247. Onus Probandi – Burden of Proof.

248. Opus Dei - The Work of God

249. Oui / Non- Yes/ No.

250. Palimony – Money Which The Court Orders A Man To Pay Regularly To A Woman With Whom He Has Been Living And From Whom He Is Separated.

251. Panic – Fright

252. Papier Mache - Mashed Paper; Used For Art

253. Par Excellence - The Best of The Best

254. Passé - Old-Fashioned, Out-of-Date, Past its Prime

255. Per - According To; In Accordance With

256. Per Capita - For Each Person

257. Per Curiam – By a Court

258. Per Incuriam – Because of Lack of Care.

259. Per Se - By or in itself, Naturally

260. Persona Grata - Fully Acceptable or Welcome Especially to a Foreign Government

261. Persona Non-Grata - Unacceptable Person

262. Persona Non-Grata: Unacceptable or Unwelcome Person

263. Petit - Small; (Law) Lesser, Minor

264. Petite - Small, Short

265. Phobia - Fear

266. Photon - Plant

267. Plethora - When One Goes Beyond What Is Needed Or Appropriate. It Represents An Excess Or Undesired Abundance.

268. Post Meridiem - Afternoon; Used Chiefly In The Abbreviated Form To Specify The Hour

269. Post-Mortem - Examination of A Body After Death; Autopsy

270. Post-Mortem - Latin of or Relating To A Medical Examination Of A Dead Body.

271. Postpartum - After Childbirth

272. Potpourri - Rotten Pot; A Scented Mixture Of Dried Flowers And Spices; A Miscellaneous Group Or Collection

273. Prima Donna - Temperamental And Conceited Person

274. Prima Facie - At First Sight, Clear And Evident

275. Prior - First, Primary, Priority

276. Pro And Con - For And Against

277. Pro Bono - Done Or Donated Without Charge

278. Pro Bono - Done Without Compensation For The Public Good.

279. Pro Rata - Proportional; Proportionally

280. Pro Rata - In Equal Parts

281. Pro Tempore - For The Time Being; Temporarily

282. Psalm - To Play, Twang

283. Pseudo - False, A Falsity

284. Quasi - Having Likeness To Something; Resembling

285. Qui Facit Per Alium, Facit Per Se – He Who Acts Through other Acts Himself

286. Quid Pro Quo – Something For Something

287. Quo Warranto – By What Authority? A Writ Calling Upon One To Show Under What Authority He Holds or Claims A Public Office.

288. Requiescat In Pace - Rest In Peace

289. Ras - Tomorrow

290. Ratio Decidendi – Principle Or Reason Underlying A Court Judgement.

291. Répondez S’il Vous Plaît - Please Reply

292. Res Ipsa Loquitor – The Thing Speaks For Itself.

293. Résumé - A Brief Account Of One’s Professional Or Work Experience And Qualification

294. Rex Non-Protest Peccare – The King Can Do No Wrong

295. Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex – The Welfare of the is the Supreme Law

296. Samovar - An Urn For Heating Tea

297. Sangfroid - Coolness And Composure, Especially in trying Circumstances

298. Sans Souci - Carefree

299. Sarcasm - Bitterness

300. Savoir-Faire - The Ability To Say And Do The Correct Thing

301. Schadenfreude - Pleasure At Someone Else's Misfortunes

302. Sine Die -Without A Day Specified For A Future Meeting; Indefinitely

303. Sine Qua Non - Indispensable Element Or Condition

304. Sobriquet - Nickname

305. Sponsor - One Who Accepts Responsibility for Another

306. Sputnik - A Traveling Companion

307. Status Quo - The Existing State Or Condition

308. Sui Generis - Unique

309. Sulon: Sanctuary

310. Sur place – In place

311. Suo Moto - Latin Expression - On Its Own Motion/ Act On Its Own Initiative

312. Tanche De Vie - Slice of Life

313. Tete-A-Tete - Without The Intrusion of A Third Person; In Intimate Privacy

314. Tout De Suite -Immediately

315. Tout Ensemble: All Together

316. Tout Le Monde - Everybody; Everyone of Importance.

317. Trahison De Clercs - Treason of The Intellectuals

318. Tristesse: Melancholy

319. Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium – Where There Is A Right, There Is A Remedy

320. Ultima Ratio Regum - The Final Argument Of Kings (War)

321. Uno Animo - With One Mind

322. Urbi Et Orbi - To The City And The World (To Everyone)

323. Utile Dulci - The Useful With The Agreeable

324. Va Et Vient - Coming And Going (Traffic)

325. Vendetta - Blood Feud, Quarrel Between Two Families For Vengeance.

326. Ventre A Terre - Belly To The Ground (At Very Great Speed)

327. Verbatim - Using Exactly The Same Words; Corresponding Word For Word

328. Verbatim Ac Litteratim - Word For Word, And Letter For Letter

329. Verboten: Forbidden, As By Law; Prohibited

330. Versus - Against

331. Veto – Ban Or Order Not To Allow Something To Become Law, Even If It Has Been Passed By A Parliament.

332. Via - By Way of

333. Vice Versa – Reverse Position.

334. Vide - Used To Direct A Reader’s Attention

335. Vieux Jeu - Old Game (Old Hat)

336. Vin Du Pays - Wine of The Locality

337. Virgo Intacta - Untouched Virgin

338. Virtue Et Armis - By Valor of Arms

339. Vis Major – Act Of God.

340. Vis Medicatrix Naturae - The Healing power of nature

341. Vis-À-Vis - Face To Face; With Opposite To, Compared With, In Relation To

342. Vita Nuova - New Life

343. Viva Voce - By Word of mouth

344. Volenti Non-Fit Injuria – Damage Suffered By Consent Gives No Cause Of Action.

345. Vox Et Praeterea Nihil - Voice and Nothing more

346. Vox Populi - Popular opinion or sentiment

347. Waiver – Voluntarily giving up or removing the conditions

348. Weltschmerz - Sorrow over the evils of the world.

349. Zeitgeist - The Thought Or Sensibility Characteristic of A Particular Period Of Time.

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