Here are homophones-based questions and answers prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

Here are homophones-based questions and answers prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

A homophone is a type of word that sounds the same as another word when pronounced but has a different meaning and often a different spelling. In other words, homophones are words that have the same or similar sound but different definitions and spellings. Examples of homophones include: "Two" and "too" - "Two" refers to the number 2, while "too" means also or excessively.

CLAT UG: Homophones

1. We must try our best to _________________ (caste/cast) away all prejudices.

Answer – cast

2. The ___________ (hair/hare) has a short tail.

Answer – hare

3. He told me the ___________ (tail/tale) of a fox.

Answer – tale

4. The travellers had a terrible journey through the ____________ (torturous/tortuous) road.

Answer – torturous

5. ___________ and ___________ are related subjects. (astrology/astronomy)

Answer – astrology, astronomy

6. She said, “I shall not _______ before I ___________". (dye / die)

Answer – dye, die

7. She ________ on a _________ which was paved with flowers. (road/rode)

Answer – rode, road

8. The ________ of animals have never such melodious music. (heard / herd)

Answer – herd

9. A ________ teacher is always ____________ of the needs of the learners. (conscientious/conscious)

Answer – conscientious, conscious

10. The ________ he took_________ him. (ails/ale)

Answer – ale, ails

11. Japan, an _______ country, has a ________ population too. (industrious/industrial)

Answer – industrial, industrious

12. ___________ people cannot show the ___________way to success. (ideal/idle)

Answer – idle, ideal

13. There was a _______ on his dying face as he _______ his will. (signed / shine)

Answer – shine, signed

14. _______ people, at times, have _________ fears. (imaginative/imaginary)

Answer – imaginative, imaginary

15. After he was sick for several days, his face was ____________(pail/pale).

Answer – pale

16. She purchased a beautiful new gown ____________ (for/four) the dance.

Answer – for

17. Walking down the _______________(I’ll/aisle/isle) to get married can be scary.

Answer – isle

18. Glass containers have been ________________(band/banned) on the beach.

Answer – banned

19. The baker systematically kneaded the _____________(doe/dough) for the bread.

Answer – dough

20. I’d rather receive my _________________(male/mail) electronically than on paper.

Answer – mail

21. He was considered __________________(bald/bawled) because he had no hair.

Answer – bald

22. We searched everywhere trying to ________________(fined/find) our lost dog.

Answer – find

23. My favourite stringed instrument is the ___________(base/bass) because it is so big.

Answer – bass

24. The fight __________________(scene/seen) in the movie was extremely exciting!

Answer – scene

25. Though he was already tired, the farmer had to ________(so/sew/sow) the seeds.

Answer – sow

25. Annabella sat on the bottom ________________(stair/stare) without being noticed.

Answer – stair

26. After running out of _____________(flour/flower), the baker had to stop baking.

Answer – flour

27. Fierce winds _________________(blew/blue) all night during the thunderstorm.

Answer – blew

28. Rover sat and scratched the place where the ______________(flea/flee) bit him.

Answer - flee

29. The government has the right to __________(sees/seas/seize) the stolen property.

Answer – seize

30. I have to _____ a shirt from the selection in the shop. (choose/chore)

Answer – choose

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