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Question: Assess the importance of Shruti as a Source of Hindu Law. [BJS 1931]

Find the answer to Hindu Law only on Legal Bites. [Assess the importance of Shruti as a Source of Hindu Law.]


The Shruti is considered to be the direct words of God under Hindu Law. The word originated from the Sanskrit verb ‘Shru’ meaning ‘to hear’, thus, the word Shruti stands for what has been heard. It is the most sacred and purest source of Hindu law as it carries spiritual bearing from the highest source of divinity. The Shruti is believed to carry the word of God which was heard by seers and sages and they are delivering them to the rest of us.

Importance as a source of law

It is the most essential source of all. It is a sacred and pure utterance that has been enriched among other sources. As it is considered the divine language of salvation through sages, it has a religious nexus with an individual and helps them in attaining the knowledge of the same. It is regarded as the oldest source of law containing the knowledge of incarnation. The Shrutis along with Upanishads constitute the same.

The Shruti includes Vedas and their components among them only. It is considered that all the Vedas are written along with their sub-parts originating from the Shrutis of sages. Veda, originating from ‘Vid’ meaning root, is also regarded as the synonym for the Shruti.

The Vedas which are four in number have been regarded as the prime source of knowledge relating to the law applicable to Hindus. They primarily emphasize the standard of conduct, privileges, duties, and obligations of an individual along with the philosophy of divine attainments. They are also responsible for laying down the building blocks of customary laws as accepted and learned by people.

Shrutis are the primitive sources and they initially laid down the plinth of Hindu Customary Laws which later evolved into the modern Hindu Laws. It is believed among the Hindu Jurists that rishi, munis, and scholars during ancient times attained the highest form of spirituality through which they received the Shrutis. These also aided in the formation of practices and functioning during the Vedic period.

Shrutis are the most important source of Hindu Laws as they are heard and transferred from one generation to the other and then documented in the form of various texts. They are the originators of all the Hindu Laws and practices. They do not only consist of the rules and regulations for monitoring society but they also cherish and flourish the traditions and cultural practices.

It can be safely concluded that Shrutis are the most trustworthy, authentic, legitimate, creditworthy, and vibrant source of Hindu Laws.

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