Sibi j koola, a fourth year law student from Christ University, Bangalore shares her work experience at Pavan Duggal Associates, Delhi.

Sibi j koola, a fourth-year law student from Christ University, Bangalore shares his internship work experience at Pavan Duggal Associates, Delhi.


Sibi J Koola, 4th-year Law student from Christ University, Bangalore


Pavan Duggal Associates, Delhi.

Duration of Internship

2nd June 2022 - 1st August 2022(Virtual mode)

How to apply for the Internship

I applied for the internship through the mail with my CV and cover letter to and I got a confirmation letter.

Internship Experience

I should really thank the firm first of all for giving me such a great opportunity to intern and which is dealing with the emerging areas of cybersecurity. The firm has got an excellent set of people who helps the interns to get a better insight into various topics. The virtual research-based project Internship focused entirely on cyber law and other fields of cyber security.

The entire experience has been very resourceful and informative. I really got to know more about Artificial intelligence during this internship period which is one of my favourite topics and which I have been eager to know more from a very long time. I also got the privilege of learning more about Blockchain, which is one of the emerging areas of technology in recent times. I also gained knowledge in other areas like Data ethics, Cybercrimes, Cybercrime regulations, Digital Sovereignty, and many more.


Since it was a virtual internship, they used to send me research topics on various fields like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity regulation, and a lot more. They had given two or three days time to research on the topics that were assigned.



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Sibi j koola

Sibi j koola

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