Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan is a professor of Indian History at LLOYD LAW COLLEGE. His area of research majorly focuses on, 'Women & Property Rights in India' & 'Police Reforms'.

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan is a professor of Indian History at LLOYD LAW COLLEGE. His area of research majorly focuses on, 'Women & Property Rights in India' & 'Police Reforms'. Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan is an active alumnus of The Ramjas College, University of Delhi. He has completed his B.A., M.A., M. Phil & P.HD. followed with an LLB degree and has been a University topper in M.A. Dr Khan is an experienced professional with 12+ years, heading the prestigious Institute Lloyd Law College as Deputy Director.

He is an Educational enthusiast, Business developer and a policy developer with skills of infallible management, integrated planning and considerate facilitator of law aspirants at Lloyd Law College. Teaching is an art which can only be owned by a true giver and not to mention each student who came across with Dr Khan confines his teachings and acknowledges his adroitness of managing an Institute while keeping both students and organization in a favourable state of affairs. Apart from these, he actively looks into the organization of Moot Courts, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops etc. representing the college globally.

Legal Bites: Sir, after completing your M.A. and M.Phil and PhD in History, you went on to study law and pursued an LLB. Could you please tell us a little about yourself and how you developed an interest in the field of law?

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan: It was a privilege to study at Ramjas College & Department of History at the prestigious University of Delhi which gave me numerous opportunities to explore myself and my interests. While pursuing a Masters in History, I was always inclined towards understanding law. History is about culture and law is more about preserving that distinct culture with a set of rules. Thus, I always get myself engrossed in reading a lot about laws and their implementations.

Nevertheless, a degree in law is not just for lawyers who are in the courtroom, it is a rewarding experience which makes you understand about your legal rights and to help the others in need for social justice. Law degree equips you for almost any profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world.

Legal Bites: You have over 12 years of teaching experience in prestigious institutions such as the University of Delhi and Lloyd Law College. How would you describe your teaching philosophy?

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan: I strongly believe that fostering critical thinking skills and honing practical skills is the key to promote quality education. Education is not a one size fits all discipline. I prioritize my relationship with the students to understand their interests and I encourage them to use novel ways to demonstrate their knowledge.

Legal Bites: Apart from being a professor, you have also held several important administrative posts. From being the Chief Academic Coordinator at Lloyd Law College to becoming the HOD and subsequently, its Deputy Director, your experience speaks for itself. What does it take to manage an educational institution and what is your approach to governance?

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan: I follow an integrated management approach which includes time-based strategy, quality assurance, pedagogical management and discipline on priority. The greatest challenge is to use these management approaches simultaneously and to integrate them into a whole for institutional performance. I prioritize students over anything and this brings a chain of strategies for the best delivery of education, learning environment and practical learning of the students.

Legal Bites: Sir, you have completed your PhD in Ancient History on the topic "Hindu Women & Property Rights in Ancient India". To a layman, history and law would seem like a peculiar but interesting combination. Could you please tell us how these two very distinct fields of study intersect and how you integrate them while teaching?

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan: Law is an order as a social phenomenon. Thus there is a primary relation between history and law and these two fields complement each other in more than one sense. Law and History offer students a chance to examine law and its relationship to the larger world of social movements, economic changes, politics and government.

Legal Bites: Law colleges have mushroomed across the country but law students are still struggling to develop basic legal acumen and skills. What are some existing loopholes and challenges in the current legal education system in India and how can they be rectified?

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan: Legal Education system is lacking the environment which encourages the skill development of the students. Legal education holds a great significance taking into consideration the changing needs of society and in the era of globalization. Thus there is an emergent need to review legal education which includes a deep understanding of the subjects with its applications by large. Developing innovative pedagogic methods, inculcating practical skills among students and equipping them with best learning tools is the need of an hour.

Legal Bites: Sir, what is your vision for Lloyd Law College?

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan: We are striving hard to take the college to the heights with the right kind of intellectual environment where we can see our students with more professional ethics and be prepared to cope with the challenges in the rapidly changing socio-economic environment. This all can be brought only with an approach of consistent quality improvement strategies from the ground level.

We have established more than 20 skill development centers for the students which prepares them to develop employability skills and we are constantly focusing on the skill development of students. We believe in reinventing through various exchange and collaboration programs with the National & International Universities and Industry experts. In my opinion, the power of education can uplift even the destitute and put them in the mainstream of our society.

Legal Bites: Lastly, what is your advice to budding lawyers who aim to have an accomplished career in law, especially in the era of robust competition? Also, any special message for students who wish to get into teaching?

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Khan: Discipline and perseverance are the key points to succeed in any career. It is very important for students to understand the requirement of the profession. There is no short cut to be a great legal professional but Attitude, Aptitude and Analysis give an edge in the competitive world. More and more participation in the moot court activities, debate competitions, research writing etc. helps to develop the required skills for the legal profession.

Legal Bites: Thank you very much for talking to us, Sir.

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