Legal Bites presents the Law of Partnership Important Question-Answer Series.

Legal Bites presents the Law of Partnership Important Question-Answer Series. The questions listed here will help students study for various Competitive and University Exams. Candidates can use Legal Bites' list of questions to help them determine the most important and often asked questions and practice their aptitude and knowledge.

Answering questions is a continuous process that is an inevitable component of any test preparation, as we all know. A well-written response displays not just a candidate's knowledge but also his or her ability to tailor the content to the question's requirements.

It is vital to prepare for this exam to pass it thoroughly. To attain mastery over the subjects studied, applicants only need to keep practising these questions in the months coming up to the examinations. Following it, the candidate's confidence level, as well as their scores, will vastly improve.

Law of Partnership Question Answer Series 6: Important Questions for Judiciary Exams | Part – VI

Question 1

Discuss the liability of a partner for tortious acts of another partner. [BJS 1987]

Question 2

Explain the difference between a private limited company and partnership. [HJS 2006]

Question 3

Can a partner use the partnership property for his own private purpose and carry on competing business? If not, what is the result if he does so? [UPJS 2018]

Question 4

B and C are two partners in a firm. H, a minor, is inducted as a partner in the firm. What would be the legal rights and liability of H in respect of acts of B and C in relation the firm's business in the following situations:

a) During his minority

b) After he attains majority when he opts to become a partner in a firm.

c) When he opts not to become a partner. [DJS 2019]

Question 5

'A', 'Y' and 'Z' are partners in the firm, 'M/s Best Tailors'. 'Y' goes to the Court and compromises the suit for recovery of damages filed by 'A' against the partnership firm, 'M/s Best Tailors'. Can 'Y' compromise the matter? Decide with reference to relevant provisions of law. [DJS 2018]

Question 6

Can an unregistered partnership firm file a petition seeking fixation of standard rent under The Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958? [DJS 1984]

Question 7

Attempt the following with due reasons:

Why should a partnership firm be registered under the Partnership Act, 1932? Consequence of a complaint filed under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 by an unregistered partnership firm. [DJS 2019]

Question 8

State the tests in determining the existence of the partnership. [RJS 1999]

Question 9

The firm of Ram-Mohan and Company had two partners-a father and son. The firm was being pressed by a creditor, and there was no money to meet the claim. So, in consideration of the creditor for giving time to pay it was agreed that an assignment of the book debt to the creditor should be made. The son consentd to, but did inform his father. The deed of assignment purported to be made was between Ram and Mohan trading under the style of firm of Ram Mohan Company. In fact the father's name had been forged by the son. Later on the firm became bankrupt, and the trustee in bankruptcy sought to be set aside the deed on the ground that it had been executed by one partner only.

Decide this case stating the law and the decided cases. [Punj JS 2001]

Question 10

A and B carry on motor repair business in partnership. Under the deed of partnership, A has no power of borrowing money. C, a creditor, knowing nothing about restrictions on the power of A for borrowing money, lends A money for the use of the firm. Is the firm liable to C for repayment of the money lent by him to A. Refer to statutory provisions and decided cases. [HJS 2009]

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