It’s an agony of a person whose phone got snatched at a public place and is suffering due to the inactive role of police officers of Model Town.

It’s an agony of a person whose phone got snatched at a public place and is suffering due to the inactive role of police officers of Model Town.

Alarming Story of Lodging an FIR of Snatched Phone at Model Town Police Station | True Story

Brief Facts

A girl was travelling in an E-Rickshaw with a bag in her lap and a mobile phone in hand, and suddenly two people sitting on a bike from one of the corners snatched away the phone and even that victim tried hard to save the mobile but failed to do so. She got hurt and fell, and it’s a deep heart-wrenching fact that it was a public place near KirPal Bagh (A locality in North East Delhi City), but people were just a spectator, and nobody stood to help.

This hurts to the core because we should not be put into the category of a human if we have no humanity inside us.

Modern Mentality is this, जब खुद के साथ हो तब बुरा else nothing is going to affect.

True Story of Model Town Police Station: Snatched Phone FIR

On 13th April 2023, the victim went to the police station (Model Town, North-West) and requested to lodge an FIR of the incident of the snatched mobile. Initially, police showed no interest in lodging FIR. Police started playing the passing to the other table game, and even various people were waiting outside, hoping for their mobile phones because they were all victims of that area. Finally, they agreed to lodge an FIR (u/s 154 of Cr.P.C.) but insisted on adding a lost mobile phone FIR ignoring hurt and snatching. They added stolen as per their wish and ignored the truth. The complainant's words were nothing to them, they acted as per their own will.

Words of Complainant

The Complainant/ Informant said,

" जब मैंने बोला कि आप लॉस्ट नहीं स्नैचिंग (Snatching) लिखे तब उस पुलिस ने बोला की नहीं ऐसा ही होता है और एक ही तरह के प्रोसीजर(procedure) होंगे इसलिए इससे कोई दिक्कत नहीं है | मेरे शब्दों को नज़र अंदाज़ कर मुझे FIR की कॉपी दिया जिसमें स्टोलेन लिखित था |"

Informant emphasizes,

"ना ही Investigation Officer के पास इस matter को दिया गया और ना ही मोबाइल ट्रैकिंग (tracking) के लिए कोई कदम उठाया गया |"

The Informant highlights the aura of the police station,

जब मैं लोगो से बात करने लगी तो मुझे बात करने को मना कर दिया गया. वो लोग मेरे ही तरह victims थे, वो लोग मेरे से पहले से आ रहे थे, मैं सिर्फ जानना चाहती थी की क्या उस पुलिस स्टेशन में उचित कदम लिए जाता है या नहीं जनता के हित के लिए; मैं समझ गयी की ये लोग कुछ करना नहीं चाहते victims को इन्साफ दिलाने के लिए |

What can the Police do if a Mobilephone is snatched or stolen?

If your mobile phone has been snatched or stolen, you should contact the police immediately. The police can take several steps to help you recover your stolen mobile phone and prevent the thief from using it for illegal activities:

File a police report: This is the first and most crucial step. You should file a police report when you realize your phone has been stolen. Please provide them with all the information you have about the phone, including its make, model, and unique identifier, like the IMEI number.

Trace the phone: The police may use various techniques to trace your phone immediately, including GPS tracking or accessing the phone's IMEI number. If the phone is still turned on and connected to a network, the police may be able to locate it.

Investigate the theft: The police may also investigate the theft to try and identify the thief or any potential accomplices. This could involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing CCTV footage or checking for any other evidence that could help solve the case.

Recover the phone: If the police successfully trace the phone, they may be able to recover it and return it to you.

Prevent further misuse: Finally, the police can take steps to prevent the thief from misusing your phone, such as blocking its IMEI number or disabling any accounts that are associated with it.

Arrest the accused: To proceed according to the harm caused while snatching.

But Model Town, North-West Police has done nothing for the complainant since the FIR has been lodged. Now, the question arises if they are not going to help out the victims, how will they trust our system?

Expectations and Role of Police Officers in Society

The Role of the Police is to maintain law and order, protect citizens, and prevent crime. They are responsible for enforcing laws, investigating crimes, and apprehending suspects. To fulfil these duties, police officers need to be proactive and take action to prevent crime and maintain public safety.

However, it is also important for police to act responsibly and ethically. They should not use excessive force or engage in discriminatory practices.

The Reasons People are Losing Trust in the Police Department

There are several reasons why people in India may not trust the police, including:

Corruption: One of the biggest reasons why people in India do not trust the police is because of the prevalent corruption within the police force. Many police officers demand bribes or engage in other forms of corruption, which erodes public trust in the police.

Inefficiency: The police force in India is often seen as inefficient and ineffective. Many cases go unsolved, and people feel that the police do not take their complaints seriously.

Abuse of Power: There have been numerous cases of police brutality in India, which have led to a loss of trust in the police force. Police officers are often accused of using excessive force, particularly against marginalized communities.

Lack of Accountability: The police force in India is often seen as being above the law. Many police officers are not held accountable for their actions, which further erodes public trust in the police.

Bias: There is often a perception that the police force in India is biased against certain communities, particularly minorities. This bias can lead to a lack of trust in the police force among those communities.

Overall, these factors combine to create a widespread lack of trust in the police force in India. While there are certainly dedicated and honest police officers in India, the actions of a few bad actors can have a significant impact on public perceptions of the police as a whole.

Present Day Situation

The Complainant is still visiting the police station, yet no remedy has been availed.

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