Anant Law Partners, Anu Monga and Rahul Goel attended the American Bar Association's 72nd Antitrust Law Spring Meeting

Anant Law Firm's esteemed partners, Anu Monga and Rahul Goel, made significant strides in advancing global antitrust understanding at the prestigious American Bar Association's 72nd Antitrust Law Spring Meeting in Washington DC.

The event proved to be an invaluable platform for Anant Law to engage with a diverse array of legal minds, including counsels, academics, economists, and industry professionals from around the globe. Monga and Goel actively participated in knowledge-sharing sessions, exchanging insights on antitrust and competition law while staying abreast of latest developments both in India and across various jurisdictions.

With specialties spanning Legal Services, Disputes & Litigation, Competition & Antitrust, Corporate & Commercial, and more, Anant Law Firm leveraged this opportunity to deepen its understanding of international antitrust landscapes. Their commitment to fostering diverse opinions and collaborative culture ensures that they deliver excellence for clients, bridging the gap between current realities and future possibilities.

Anant Law Firm's dedication to providing practical, time-bound advice aligns perfectly with the objectives of the ABA's Spring Meeting. Their client-centric approach, coupled with a nuanced understanding of sector dynamics and legal frameworks, positions them as trusted advisors to leading enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, across diverse sectors.

By actively participating in events like the ABA's Spring Meeting, Anant Law Firm continues to drive impactful change that truly matters, contributing to a more informed and efficient global antitrust ecosystem.

Recently Mr. Rahul Goel and Ms. Anu Monga, Partners at Anant Law, announced their collaboration with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University, Sonepat, to host the first International Moot Court Competition on Anti-Trust & Competition Laws.
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