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Delhi, October 4, 2023 - The Indian Language Campaign concluded the Indian Hindi Week with a grand closing ceremony, held at the Indian Society of International Law in the Delhi Capital Region. The event was a remarkable gathering with notable guests from the legal and linguistic sectors gracing the occasion.

Supreme Court Justice Sanjay Karol Inaugurated the Celebration

The highlight of the evening was the presence of Chief Guest, Honorable Justice Sanjay Karol, from the Supreme Court of India, who inaugurated the event. His participation added an aura of legal eminence to the ceremony, symbolizing the importance of promoting Indian languages in the realm of law and justice.

Honored Legal Luminaries: Indian Language Campaign Recognized Contributions in the Law and Justice Sector

The closing ceremony also featured special guest Shri Manan Kumar Mishra, Senior Advocate, and Chairman of the Bar Council of India, who was honoured for his significant contributions to the legal field.

During his speech, Manan Mishra emphasized the importance of regional languages in legal education, stating, "Law studies should be in regional languages. The problem is not the intention or law. The challenge is the availability of law books in regional languages. We need to change our mindset and not just stick to English; only then can justice in regional languages be possible."

Distinguished guest, Honorable Justice Shrimati Rekha Palli from the Delhi High Court, was also acknowledged for her outstanding work in the legal domain.

Justice Rekha Palli expressed her pride in being a part of the language promotion movement. She stated,

"Regional languages must be promoted. More than 9000 judgments have been interpreted by the Supreme Court for promoting justice in all languages. This will garner more trust in the common man. Regional languages reach hearts and not just understanding." She quoted Nelson Mandela, saying, "If you talk to a man in the language he knows, it goes to his head."

Another significant voice at the event was that of Justice Prashant Mishra, who expressed his views on language promotion. He said,

"Sad to say promoting Hindi in my own country by organizing this event is a sad state of affairs. There is too much reliance on English. It's good that this movement has started; someday we will achieve our goal. Manual interpretation is riddled with adulteration. Transparency can only be achieved if the proceedings and submission are in the language of litigants, i.e., the common language. This is a part of natural justice. The parties of litigation must know the reasons for judgment. This is not just about Hindi; all regional languages shall be treated equally, and its application shall be broadened in its area."

Justice Sanjay Karol also shared his thoughts during the event, expressing his journey of confidence in speaking Hindi on stage, which he learned during his stay in Bihar. He highlighted the importance of promoting the languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution and noted that every lawyer should be allowed to argue in any language in the schedule. He emphasized, "Hindi is a common language. All district courts are functioning in regional languages. The problem is we need to do our duties with honesty and sincerity. We should speak the language of justice, love, and sensitivity. Our idea of justice should not be metro-centric. Translation is not a problem now; technology has overcome that problem. In a few years, we will achieve our goals. Implementation of education in only English is not letting us promote regional languages. NLUs should think, and he pointed to Mr. Manan Kumar Mishra to look into this."

Prof. (Dr.) Anju Vali Tikoo, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, was also present and felicitated.

Furthermore, Shri Rohit Pandey, Secretary of the Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association, graced the event, sharing insights into the importance of linguistic diversity in the legal profession. Shri Atul Bhai Kothari, Convener of the Indian Language Campaign, and National Secretary of the Education Culture Upliftment Foundation, participated, advocating for the promotion of Indian languages in education and culture.

Promoted Linguistic Diversity: An Evening Dedicated to Indian Languages in Legal Fields

The event was centered around the theme of "Indian Languages in the Field of Law and Justice." It aimed to shed light on the significance of preserving and promoting Indian languages in the legal sector. Attendees enjoyed engaging discussions, cultural performances, and an insightful evening dedicated to linguistic diversity in the legal profession.

The ceremony took place at the Indian Society of International Law from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Attendees were requested to arrive 15 minutes prior for security checks.

As the curtains fell on Indian Hindi Week 2023, the closing ceremony was a memorable occasion, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian languages in the world of law and justice, hosted at the Indian Society of International Law (ISIL).

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