Former Chief Justice Ravi Shankar Jha joins Gautam Buddha University as Honorary Distinguished Visiting Professor, enriching legal education.

Gautam Buddha University proudly announces the appointment of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ravi Shankar Jha, Former Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, as an Honorary Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Department of Law, School of Law, Justice & Governance (SoLJ&G). This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the university, bringing unparalleled expertise and experience to its academic community.


Gautam Buddha University (GBU) is delighted to welcome Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ravi Shankar Jha to its esteemed faculty. His acceptance of the invitation to join as a Visiting Professor reflects his commitment to advancing legal education and nurturing the next generation of legal professionals.

Welcoming Justice Ravi Shankar Jha

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of Gautam Buddha University, Prof. Ravindra Kumar Sinha, extended a warm welcome to Justice Ravi Shankar Jha, emphasizing the profound impact his professional leadership will have on teaching, research, consultation, and institution-building at SoLJ&G. Prof. Sinha expressed confidence that Justice Jha's presence will serve as a catalyst for upscaling academic activities and inspiring faculty members.

About Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ravi Shankar Jha

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ravi Shankar Jha is the Former Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court. He is a stalwart in the Indian legal system, renowned for his contributions to the field of justice and his unwavering commitment to equity and the rule of law. With a distinguished career spanning nearly four decades, Justice Jha has established himself as an epitome of integrity and a relentless advocate for justice.

Synergizing Real-Life Experience

Dr. K.K. Dwivedi, Dean of the Department of Law, SoLJ&G, acknowledged Justice Jha's invaluable contributions and emphasized on the transformative impact his presence will have on students. Dr. Dwivedi believes that Justice Jha's blend of academic prowess and real-life experience will enrich the learning environment, providing students with a holistic understanding of legal principles.

Justice Jha's Role as Visiting Professor

As a Visiting Professor, Justice Ravi Shankar Jha will play a pivotal role in shaping the academic curriculum, imparting his wealth of knowledge and expertise to students. His lectures, seminars, and interactions with faculty members are expected to ignite intellectual discourse and foster a culture of academic excellence at SoLJ&G.

Inspiring Future Legal Professionals

Justice Jha's appointment is a testament to Gautam Buddha University's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering academic collaboration. His mentorship will empower students to navigate the complexities of the legal profession with integrity, diligence, and a deep-rooted commitment to justice.

LB Desk

LB Desk

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