A Delhi Court has approved the divorce request from cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, citing "cruelty" inflicted upon him by his estranged wife, Aesha Dhawan.

Indian Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan Granted Divorce, Cites Mental Cruelty by Wife

A Delhi Court has approved the divorce request from cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, citing "cruelty" inflicted upon him by his estranged wife, Aesha Dhawan. Shikhar Dhawan and Aesha Mukherjee tied the knot in 2012 and share a 10-year-old son named Zoraver Dhawan. Both Aesha and Zoraver hold Australian citizenship, and Aesha had a previous marriage with two daughters from her first husband.

The Family Court Judge, Harish Kumar, upheld Mr Dhawan's claims against his wife, as Aesha could not refute these allegations. The judge noted that Shikhar Dhawan had endured significant mental distress due to his wife's actions, which effectively created a "long-distance marriage" by residing in Australia and keeping him separated from his son for an extended period.

Mr Dhawan's Distress Acknowledged in Court

The court, when granting the divorce, acknowledged the significant distress Mr Dhawan had experienced. According to Mr Dhawan's petition, his wife initially made a commitment to relocate to India and live with him due to his inability to move to Australia due to his career responsibilities. However, shortly thereafter, she reneged on her promise, citing concerns about losing custody of her two daughters to her former spouse.

The court ruled that Dhawan had endured significant suffering due to being separated from his son. His wife denied the allegations and expressed a desire to live with him in India but did not contest the claim. The court believed that the respondent's behaviour had caused immense cruelty, agony, and trauma, making it impossible to salvage the marriage.

Compelled to Pay Child Support and Liquidate Properties

Dhawan also claimed that Aesha had coerced him into transferring ownership of three properties he purchased in Australia, with her owning 99 percent of one and being a joint owner in the other two.

The court found that Aesha could not prove that she didn't pressure Dhawan into making her a property owner and that she had contributed funds to their purchase. The court concluded that Dhawan's allegations that she had compelled him to include her as an owner in the properties to some extent, or that she had pocketed proceeds from their sale, were credible and true.

Additionally, the court accepted Dhawan's claims that Aesha had forced him to pay child support not only for their son but also for her two daughters, despite already receiving support payments from her first husband.

This was reported in various news portals like Hindustan Times, NDTV, and ABP Live.

International Visitation Victory: Mr Dhawan's Rights Upheld

The court has recently approved Mr Dhawan's essential visitation privileges, enabling him to spend time with his son in India and Australia. The ruling also mandates Aesha to ensure their son's presence in India for visitation, which encompasses overnight stays with Mr Dhawan and his family, as well as time together during school breaks.

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Updated On 5 Oct 2023 6:25 AM GMT
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