Pro Bono Club of Dr B.R.Ambedkar National Law University, Sonepat, organised a Seminar and Capacity Building Program. Scroll down for more details!

16th March, Sonepat: The Pro Bono Club of Dr B.R.Ambedkar National Law University, Sonepat, brought together legal luminaries to discuss the nuances of pro bono legal services, highlighting the essential role of legal practitioners in championing justice and equity.

A Gathering of Legal Luminaries

On the 16th of March, the Pro Bono Club of Dr B.R.Ambedkar National Law University, Sonepat, hosted a Seminar and Capacity Building Program on Pro Bono Legal Services, bringing together eminent legal minds and scholars. The event featured distinguished chief guests, including Hon’ble Justice Sanjay Karol from the Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Justice Sudhir Kumar Jain from the Delhi High Court, Prof. (Dr.) Usha Tandon, Vice-Chancellor of NLU Prayagraj, and other notable figures from the legal fraternity.

Enlightening the Path of Legal Scholarship

The program commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the enlightenment and progressive ethos that underlie legal scholarship and advocacy. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Archana Mishra welcomed the gathering, highlighting the university's contributions to legal scholarship and societal welfare.

Nurturing a Quest for Justice

Hon’ble Justice Sanjay Karol delivered an erudite address, emphasizing the distinction between justice and judgment within the constitutional framework. He urged legal practitioners, especially students, to pursue knowledge relentlessly, as justice demands a deep understanding of humanistic dimensions. Justice Karol stressed the role of legal professionals in upholding democracy and the Constitution.

Upholding Principles of Constitutionalism

Hon’ble Justice Sudhir Kumar Jain elaborated on the principles of constitutionalism and the role of legal luminaries in championing justice and equity. He discussed the legal journey from lower courts to the apex court, emphasizing the importance of legal practitioners in safeguarding citizens' rights and ensuring due process.

Championing Legal Empowerment

Senior Advocate Anoop Bose shared insights from his legal experiences, highlighting the crucial role of lawyers in achieving just outcomes. He referenced the Khatri case, emphasizing lawyers' role in legal empowerment and justice.

Access to Justice for Marginalized

Mr. S.K Ghosh discussed avenues for accessing free legal aid, emphasizing mechanisms like the Nyaya Bandhu Scheme. He stressed the importance of embracing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for speedy and amicable resolution of legal disputes.

A Beacon of Legal Enlightenment

Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Usha Tandon praised the Pro Bono Club initiative for its impact on society and the ethical standards it upholds in championing justice.

Fostering Legal Enlightenment

The event's success, guided by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Archana Mishra, signifies a collective commitment to fostering a culture of justice, mutual respect, and legal enlightenment within the legal fraternity.

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