In a momentous celebration of their exceptional contributions to nation-building, a total of 30 deserving awardees from all across India & the United Kingdom who have been relentlessly contributing in their respective fields were felicitated.

Date: June 9th 2023

London, UK - The Soul of India Award 2023 ceremony took place at the House of Lords, Parliament of the United Kingdom, in London. The Award ceremony provided a platform to celebrate the achievements of Prof. Balaram Pani and Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, recognizing their invaluable contributions to nation-building. The presence of Lord Bellamy KC and Lord Rami Ranger CB further highlighted the significance of their accomplishments and underscored the international recognition garnered by the University of Delhi and the Indian academic community.

Lord Bellamy KC and Lord Rami Ranger CBE, emphasized the Indian diaspora in the UK as well as the distinguished Indians all across India are immensely instrumental in taking the India–UK relations to the next level.

About Lord Bellamy KC

Lord (Christopher) Bellamy KC is a distinguished legal professional serving as Minister of Justice, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice since June 2022. With expertise in European, competition, and regulatory law, he previously served as a judge of the General Court of the European Union and later became the President of the Competition Appeal Tribunal. Lord Bellamy has also chaired the Independent Review of Criminal Legal Aid (CLAIR). In his current role, he oversees various areas, including the modern justice system, human rights, judicial policy, civil justice, and legal aid.

About Lord Rami Ranger CBE

Lord Rami Ranger CBE, a distinguished Member of Parliament in the House of Lords, will have the honour of presenting the Soul of India Award 2023. Known for his remarkable contributions to public service and his support for various philanthropic endeavours, Lord Ranger brings a wealth of experience and prestige to the ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Balaram Pani honoured with Soul of India Award

Prof. Dr. Balaram Pani has been honoured for his outstanding contributions to excellence in nation-building in the field of academics, specifically in the domain of environmental science and water pollution.

Prof. Dr. Pani, the Dean of Colleges at the University of Delhi, is an accomplished academic with a diverse range of expertise. His areas of specialization include Environmental Chemistry, Water pollution, Synthetic Inorganic chemistry, Instrumental method of analysis, and Polymer Science.

He has made significant contributions to the field of academia through his extensive research work. He has published 69 research papers in reputable journals and has authored or contributed to 33 books and chapters. Additionally, he has undertaken seven research projects, demonstrating his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. With his extensive academic background, research contributions, and dedication to nurturing the next generation of scholars, Prof. Dr. Balaram Pani is a true inspiration in the field of engineering academia.

In addition to his academic achievements, Prof. Balaram Pani serves as a valuable member of various committees in the Ministries of the Government of India. His expertise and insights contribute to policy-making and decision-making processes, further emphasizing his commitment to nation-building beyond the academic sphere.

Prof. Dr. Balaram Pani gave a remarkable speech at the event, underlining the global role of India. He remarked:

It is a great opportunity to have the presidency of G20 for India. The motto of G20 is 'Vasudev Kutumbakam' that is one earth one family one future. Starting from Thousand years back it is our culture. Now it is a reality. G20 comprises of almost all the developed countries. Therefore G20 should take the lead role to solve global issues in the field of education, health, climate change and trade. In the case of education, India is taking the lead role recently in the field of research and development programs and also in science and technology. In the case of environmental issues, India is talking about solutions only. Find out the root cause of the problem then go for the solution. Now we believe prevention is the best solution to pollution, not dilution is the solution for pollution.

Dr Ashutosh Mishra honoured with Soul of India Award 2023

Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, a distinguished Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, was honoured for his remarkable contributions to excellence in nation-building in the field of academics, particularly in the realm of Law. Through his profound expertise and influential research, Dr. Mishra has significantly contributed to legal education, shaping the legal profession, and advancing the rule of law. His impactful work has made a lasting impression on the legal landscape, instilling values of justice, fairness, and equity in the nation's legal system.

He served as the Director of the prestigious 3rd International Conference on Mediation. This conference, organized by the Faculty of Law and Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance, Institution of Eminence, University of Delhi, in association with the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee of the Supreme Court of India, brought together over 3000+ judges, scholars, and experts in the field of mediation.

Dr Ashutosh Mishra in his astounding address mentioned that Both UK and India are signatories of the Singapore Convention on Mediation and they are moving ahead in mediation. He underlined the peace and harmony of Indianess by highlighting the Ram Jan Bhoomi case. He said:

In spite of most populated country in the world, we should admire and appreciate the Indian Judicial System where the judiciary possesses the trust of every community and one of the best examples is the Pronouncement of the Ram Janm Bhomi case. Where pronouncement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court was accepted by every citizen of this country and there was not a single resentment from any person, community etc.

This prestigious event at the House of Lords not only honoured the awardees but also fostered collaboration and cultural exchange between India and the United Kingdom, strengthening ties in the fields of education and research. As Prof. Pani and Dr. Mishra accepted this well-deserved recognition, their remarkable accomplishments will continue to inspire future generations, serving as beacons of excellence and driving forces in nation-building.

Distinguished Indian achievers conferred the Soul of India Awards 2023: As emphasized by Lord Bellamy KC as well as Lord Rami Ranger CBE, the Indian diaspora in the UK as well as the distinguished Indians all across India are immensely instrumental in taking the India–UK relations to the next level. One of the world’s oldest democracy & the world’s largest democracy is indeed poised for bigger achievements with talented individuals contributing day-in-and-day-out in their respective core expertise from all across India. The ‘Soul of India Awards 2023’ signifies how modest Indian citizens from different strata of society are relentlessly putting immense efforts day-in-and-day-out through their respective domain expertise and contributing towards Nation Building.
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