Criminology: Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

By | February 24, 2022

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Criminology is the study of the criminal mind. We at Legal Bites provide you with study material related to the subject.

Legal Bites brings you a detailed study of Criminology. The modules of our study material cover a variety of topics such as Models of Criminal Justice System, Insight into Criminal Behaviour and Psyche, Concept of Restorative Justice and Victim Compensation in India. We have also provided an additional section consisting of miscellaneous articles to help readers understand every aspect of Criminology.

Important articles and study material on Criminology – Click on the links to Read:

Module I

  1. Criminology and Criminal Justice
  2. Unravelling Crime: An Insight into Criminal Behaviour and Psyche
  3. Models of Criminal Justice System: Crime Control and Due Process
  4. Social Control Theory vs Self-Control Theory

Module II

  1. Concept of Restorative Justice & Legal Position in India
  2. Wrongful Convictions: How can the State undo the harm?
  3. Compensatory Justice- Efficacy of Victim Compensation Scheme
  4. Victim Compensation in India: All you need to Know

Module III

  1. Meaning and Scope of Victimology
  2. Methods of Police Investigation
  3. Indian Prison System: An Overview

Module IV

  1. Protection of Witnesses: A Need of the Hour
  2. Economic Crimes-Legal Dimensions and Enforcement Mechanisms
  3. Changing Facets of Corporate Crimes in Cyber Age
  4. The Criminology of the Future: How Science helps us to Investigate Crimes
  5. Punishments and their Purposes in US

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