Muslim Law - Page 3

Study the following circumstances and determine the validity of the gift under the Mohammedan Law. Substantiate your answers with reasons:-  1. A Muslim male makes a gift of his house to his sons with a condition that one-third of the income derived from the house has to be given to one Mr. X during his lifetime. Is the condition and the gift valid.  2. A makes a gift to B and delivers its possession to B. He then changes his mind and decides to revoke the gift. Is the revocation valid?  3. Y makes a gift of his property to Z. After Ys death, his heirs revoke the gift and disentitle Z from the use of Ys Property. Is the revocation valid?
Wakf means the permanent dedication by a person professing the Muslim faith of any property, for any purpose, recognised by the Mohammedan Law as religious, Pious, or charitable. Comment upon this statement and explain the essentials; of a valid Wakf under Muslim Law. Examine the validity of the following Wakfs. Giving reasons for your answers:- 1. The Wakf of a Muslim for a mosque or a burial ground. 2. The Wakf of a dower debt. 3. A Wakf for erecting and maintaining a Church opposite the house of the Wakf. 4. A Wakf to maintain a college for teaching Muslim and Hindu Jurisprudence.