NYAYA PANCHAYATS The village panchayats constitute very old and traditional/administrative institution in India. With the decline of Mughal empire and advent of British power, this institution lost its prestige and importance. But, during the later part of the British period they made some effort to restore the condition of village panchayat with Village Court Acts of 1888. which… Read More »


GROWTH OF LEGAL PROFESSION IN INDIA The complex legal system of today cannot exist without its experts. A lawyer is a person who possesses expert knowledge of law and has practical skill in its working. In India lawyers are officers of the court helping judges in the administration of justice. A well organized and independent legal profession is… Read More »


REFORMS OF CORNWALLIS The Governor -Generalship of Lord Cornwallis (1786-1793) constitutes a very remarkable and a highly creative period in Indian legal history. He thoroughly reorganised the judicial system. He introduced for the first time the principle of administration according to law. He made very important and far-reaching reforms in the judicial administration, some of the basic principles… Read More »


THE MAYOR’S COURT The charter of 1726 provided for the establishment of a corporation in each presidency town. The charter is considered to be an important landmark in the history of legal system in India as it introduced the English laws into the country. Factors Leading to the Establishment of Mayor’s Court Before 1726 there were different judicial… Read More »

Call for Papers: Hidayatullah National Law University for Student Bar Journal ,3rd Edition Submit by Feb 20

 Hidayatullah National Law University for Student Bar Journal Eligibility This journal is being published with the objective of providing a platform for students, jurists, academicians, research scholars and legal practitioners to express their views on topics of contemporary significance in law and allied fields. We solicit contributions in the form of articles, essays and case-comments. We are also… Read More »

4th Moot Court Competition,2017 Amity University Rajasthan [3 – 5 March, Jaipur]

4th Moot Court Competition,2017 Dates: 3rd – 5th March, 2017 Venue: Amity Law School, Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur Edition: 4th Important Dates Last Date for Provisional Registration through email: 31st January, 2017 Last Date for submission of fee and final registration: 15th February, 2017 Last Date for Submission of soft copy of memorial: 20th February, 2017 Last Date for Submission of hard copy of memorial: 28th… Read More »

1st All India Mahamana Memorial Debate Competition 2017 [3 – 4 Feb, BHU,Varanasi]

Dates:  3rd – 4th February, 2017 Venue : Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Topic: Impact of Demonetization in Indian Economy. “भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था पर विमुद्रीकरण का प्रभाव” Rules for Participation A team will comprise of 2 debater compulsorily. One speaking for and other speaking against the motion. All speakers in the debate will have 5 minutes to deliver their speech. Valid id proof… Read More »


OWNERSHIP Salmond on Ownership Ownership denotes the relationship between a person and an object forming the subject-matter of his ownership. It consists in a complex of rights, all of which are rights in rem, being good against the entire world and not merely against specific persons. Incidence of Ownership The owner has the right to possess things that… Read More »