COURTROOM LEGENDS Episode 4: Evolution of Constitutional Law by Supreme Court of India | Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi

Debate & Discussions Society, CLC, DU is organising the Keynote Series “COURTROOM LEGENDS Episode 4” on the topic “Constitution of India as a Dynamic Instrument of Change”. Sr. Advocate Shri. Gopal Subramanium will be delivering a Keynote in the session. About COURTROOM LEGENDS Courtroom Legends – Keynote Series, is an initiative by Debate & Discussions Society, where you… Read More »

Trademark issues in Cyber Space

Trademark issues in cyber space, today, are a concerning issue since there is unfathomable data in cyberspace. In the ancient days, Romans and Greeks identified products by scribbling on them. With the advancement of civilizations, novel methods came for the unique identification of products. Trademark was a milestone in this development. Moreover, after the emergence of the internet,… Read More »

Copyright Issues in Cyberspace

With the headway of Cyberspace, copyright issues in cyberspace are not restricted to the customary intellectual property yet has stretched out to intellectual property over the web. With the advancement of technology and bundles of advantages that come in handy, there are also quite a lot of disadvantages associated with it. Hackers find the first opportunity to misappropriate… Read More »

asia blogs Symposium: Development Aid – Charity, or An Oppressive Tool of Inequality? [Submit by April 05]

asia blogs Symposium invites papers from scholars from the Global South and elsewhere who are interested in critical international law scholarship on development aid, with the ultimate goal of finding reformative solutions that will ensure self-reliance of the Global South.  The Symposium invites contributions on the following themes and discussions points: About asia blogs ‘asia blogs’ is a… Read More »

Webinar: Career in Judicial Services – Prospects & Opportunities | Hoot Welfare Society [Register by April 10]

A Webinar on “Career in Judicial Services – Prospects & Opportunities; Discussion on preparation strategy, Judgement Writing and Framing of Charges, etc. by Hoot Welfare Society on 11th April 2021 About the Event One of the most chosen professions by law students is that of Judicial Services. People who wish to serve society through the legal mechanism usually opt… Read More »

Is Playing Online Rummy Legal?

Rummy is one of the most favored card games in India. It is played during festivals like Dussehra, Holi, and Diwali and in fact, any celebration is incomplete without this card game. The undying love for this card game is the reason why online rummy became an instant hit among the people and with good reason. Traditionally, rummy… Read More »

International Legal Regime relating to Cyber Crimes

International Legal Regime relating to Cyber Crimes | Overview Introduction European Convention On Cyber Crimes Hague Convention On Jurisdiction And Foreign Judgments Conclusion This article analyses the international legal framework on cyber crime. Initially, it argues the challenges of cybercrime to traditional criminal justice systems. Subsequently, it focuses on the criminal law framework on cybercrime from a global… Read More »