Public Company and Allotment of Shares

This article on Public Company and Allotment of Shares deals with the concept, provisions regarding the allotment of shares. Further, this also mentions IPO and FPO Rules. Introduction After the independence the Government of India in 1950 framed a committee to go revise the whole Indian Companies Act, the committee was headed by Shir H.C. Bhaba. The committee… Read More »

Download Haryana Judiciary Mains Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates preparing for Haryana Judicial Services should Download Haryana Judiciary Mains Previous Year Question Papers and solve the previous year question papers before they face Prelims and Mains. Only practising the authentic question papers will give you a real feel of the pattern and style of the questions. Aspirants preparing for the upcoming HARYANA CIVIL SERVICES (JUDICIAL BRANCH) MAIN… Read More »

Reservation to Economically Weaker Section: Constitutional 103rd Amendment Act 2019

Introduction The Constitutional 103rd Amendment added Article 15(6) and 16(6) to the Constitution. The said amendment allowed reservation to economically weaker section in India. Reservations for admissions in educational institutions and employment has been a matter of challenge in various litigations in supreme as well as high courts. Diverse opinions have expressed in regard to the need for… Read More »

Anti-Doping Laws in India: Need for Reforms

Doping is the use of banned athletic drugs by athletic competitors to enhance sporting performance and stamina. It is both a moral and an ethical wrong. Though doping seems to be a fancy and quick way to beat the competitors, its long-term side effects are skin-crawling including heart diseases, stroke, pulmonary embolism etc. Doping laws are outlined both… Read More »

Landmark Judgments by the High Court of Kerala

The article discusses a few of the Landmark Judgments by the High Court of Kerala. Jaison V. George v. State of Kerala (2019)[1] Facts:  The petitioner was accused of commission of an offence under section Sec 20.b(ii)B of the NDPS act. He contents to be a child in conflict with the law. He moved an application before the… Read More »

FIR: Common Issues in Registering and Remedies

It is the duty of a police officer to record the complaint that is brought to the police station and this is formally known as the First Information Report (FIR). All though it is to be mandatorily done by the police, it’s very often to see flaws committed from both sides (police and complainants). The article discusses the… Read More »

Know about Kerala High Court

Introduction The Kerala High Court stands at the apex of the judicial administration in the State of Kerala and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. The honourable court was established on 1st November 1956 in the district of Ernakulam at Kochi. The High Court comprises of a Chief Justice, at present, Justice S Manikumar, and other Judges as the… Read More »