Modes of Execution of a Decree

This article discusses the various Modes of Execution, as per the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure. This article intends to explain the proceedings of these various modes, like arrest and detention, attachment and sale of the property. It also further discusses the situations of execution of a decree in more than one place, difficulties of partition,… Read More »

Book Review: Radical Equality: Ambedkar, Gandhi And The Risk Of Democracy By Aishwary Kumar

This article reviews the book ‘Radical Equality: Ambedkar, Gandhi and the risk of Democracy’ written by Mr Aishwary Kumar. The assuring contextual analysis of the doctrines of both Gandhi and Ambedkar has been observed to bring out the challenges of equality in the times of Hindu cultural hegemony and Colonial independence. Introduction ‘Radical Equality: Ambedkar, Gandhi, and the… Read More »

The General Principle of Execution of a Decree

This article analyzes the General Principle of Execution. The execution of a decree is the final aspect and the fruit of successful litigation. It is important because it is the way of implementing the Court’s decision. This article provides an insight into the mechanism of decree execution in Indian legal structure by first introducing and explaining what execution… Read More »

RSRR Call for Blogs Addressing the Legal Concerns of AI: A Clarion Call

RGNUL RSSR in association with Mishi Choudhary & Associates invites submissions for the RSRR Blog Series on the theme “Addressing the Legal Concerns of AI: A Clarion Call”. Background | Addressing the Legal Concerns of AI: A Clarion Call Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, uses computer programs, sophisticated statistics, and algorithms to solve problems and automate tasks which,… Read More »

Call for Chapters: Book on Criminal Law Reforms | Integral University

Introduction of the Book on Criminal Law Reforms | Integral University With the changing world, the dimensions of crimes and laws relating to them have changed drastically. Criminal activity has largely transformed suggesting a reformulation of social values in the intervening decades. There is no dissent to the fact that the philosophical stance and fundamental principles of existing… Read More »

Major Amendments to the Consumer Protection Act of 2019

This article discusses the latest major amendments to the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 with key insights into the relevance of the term, Consumer, directly addressing the importance of its demands. The Pandemic is taking over the economy, with a number of cases rising each day, extending over to consecutive lockdowns. With talks on provisions to decriminalize Section… Read More »

COVID-19: The Push Towards Online Legal Education

This article examines the push towards online legal education during COVID-19 and the mandatory role it has taken for the survival of the academia or every field that involves communication. It also analyses the impact of COVID-19 on the future of legal education. It further takes note of the advantages as well as disadvantages of providing legal education… Read More »

Hindu Joint Family and Coparcenary: An Analysis

This article attempts to explain the concepts of Hindu joint family and coparcenary rights among the members of such families, through case studies and an analysis of various facts associate with the two schools of thought. A Hindu Joint Family is an extended family arrangement which has enormous legal importance in India. The underlying importance of a joint… Read More »

The Different Schools of Hindu law | Explained

This article deals with the different schools of Hindu Law and describes how they are distinct in their own forms of existence. These schools of thought evolved to have a higher strength of force than the original text of the Smriti. These schools have also left major impacts on the development of the Hindu Law, as at present. Introduction… Read More »