Candidates preparing for Punjab Judicial Services Exam should solve the Punjab Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 Paper (English) and other previous year question papers before they face Prelims and Mains.

Candidates preparing for Punjab Judicial Services Exam should solve the Punjab Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 Paper (English) and other previous year question papers before they face Prelims and Mains.

It also gives an idea about the syllabus and how to prepare the subjects by keeping the previous year's questions in mind. All toppers are mindful and cognizant of the types of questions asked by the PCS (JB), to be aware of the various different tricks and types of questions. This should be done by every aspirant when starting their preparation. It is very important to have an overall understanding of the pattern and design of questions.

Punjab Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 (English)

Only practising the authentic question papers will give you a real feel of the pattern and style of the questions. Here's Punjab Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 Paper (English).

Punjab Judicial Services Mains Written Examination 2023

Time: Three Hours

Maximum Marks: 200

Instructions for candidates:

  1. Attempt ALL the questions and in the same order in which they appear in the question paper.
  2. Marks for individual questions are indicated against each question.
  3. Support your answers with relevant provisions and case law.
  4. No extra answer sheet will be provided.


Write an essay on any one of the following subjects in about 1000-1100 words:

1. Drg Menace: Implications on family life, economy and ways to counter it

2. Ukraine War: Its Global Fallout.

3. Female Education and Empowerment.

4. Covid-19: Lessons learnt from the pandemic.

5. Importance of role of opposition in a democracy. (100 Marks)


Make a précis of following passage in about 1/3 of the original, giving an apt title:

Self-reliance is the pilgrim's best staff, the worker's het net is the master key that unlocks all the difficulties of life. "Help yourself and Heaven wil bup you" is a maxim which receives daily confirmation. He who begins with crutches will generally end with crutches. Help from within always strengthens, but help from outside always enfeebles the recipient. It is not in the sheltered garden, but in the rugged Alpine cliff, where the storms beat most violently, that the toughest plants are reared. It is not by the use of corks, bladders and life-buoys that one can best learn to swim, but by plunging courageously into the waves and buffeting then. To wait until some charitable man passes by to stand with arms folded, calling for a helping Land, is not the part of any manly mind. The habit of depending upon others should be vigorously resisted, since it tends to weaken the intellectual faculties and paralyses the judgment. The struggle against adverse circumstances has, on the contrary a bracing and strengthening effect like that of the pure mountain air on a enfeebled frame. This is a lesson, which now-a-days is not taught in colleges. To us it seems the vice of modern system of education that they lay too many royal reads' to knowledge These impediments which formally compelled a student to think and labour for himself, are now most carefully removed, and he glides so smoothly along the well-beaten highway that he pauses not to heed the flowers on either side. (18+2=20 Marks)


Make separate sentences of the following pairs of words distinguishing their meanings:

1. Human Humane

2. Judicial-Judicious

3. Alter-Altar

4. Hoard-Horde

5. Ascent-Assent

6. Metal-Mettle

7. Defuse-Diffuse

8. Sensor-Censor

9. Canvas - Canvass

10. Aisle-Isle (20 Marks)


Give the meaning of the following words/idioms and also make meaningful sentences

1. A bolt from the blue

2. A Herculean task

3. To bury the hatchet Spill the beans

4. Swan song

5. Spill the beans

6. Break the ice

7. Cut and dried

8. Achilles heel

9. Bite the bullet

10. Burn your bridges (20 Marks)


Correct the following sentences:

1. The jury were unanimous in their decision.

2. You must avail this opportunity.

3. I shall not come to you if it will rain.

4. I, she and you must serve the guests.

5. I shall help him if he will come here.

6. The moment she will enter the auditorium, we will start the performance.

7. Unless it rains, we will stay at home.

8. A car accident left him blind of one eye.

9. He had scarcely sat down then there was a knock at the door

10. The apartment comprises of three bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. (20 Marks)


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:

E-governance offers a number of potential benefits to citizens. It can result in huge cost savings to government and citizens alike, increase transparency and reduce corruption, increase public accountability, weaken authoritarian tendencies and strengthen civil society and democracy. It gives citizens more control on how and when they interact with the government. Top policymakers in India tend to justify the adoption and expansion of e-governance on the grounds that it costs less, reduces waste, promotes transparency, eliminates corruption, generates possibilities to resolve rural poverty and inequality, and guarantees a better future for citizens. Despite government's mammoth infrastructure, the accessibility of services also increases since, there are always a limited number of personnel interacting directly with the citizens and waiting time, even on the phone, can be long. The electronic delivery of government services, especially the availability of different forms and the option of electronically submitting them, provides a considerable saving of time and money for individuals. Technology now makes it possible to personalize a website to a point where delivery of services could be tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual, thereby increasing the satisfaction of citizens from government services. The online delivery of government services could, therefore, tremendously increase accessibility and bring significant time and cost savings to citizens. It also helps in increasing the reach of the government both geographically and demographically. Therefore, e-governance has the potential to revolutionize the provision of government services, especially in developing countries.

i. List a few benefits of e-governance.

ii. How do Indian policymakers view e-governance?

iii. What reasons are responsible for deficiency in the government services?

iv. How does technology help in improving efficiency and ensure public satisfaction?

v. Give the meaning of the word 'infrastructure' and use it to make a sentence of your own. (20 marks)

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