Legal Bites Academy presents an experts-curated Punjab Judicial Services Mains Test Series to offer you rigorous practice sessions to take the exam confidently.

Scoring well in mains is an utmost concern as it plays an important role in deciding your rank among lakhs of competitors. For you, our experts have come to your aid with this latest result-oriented test series focused on the mains exam.

Legal Bites Academy presents an experts-curated Punjab Judicial Services Mains Test Series to offer you rigorous practice sessions to take the exam confidently. Carefully designed as per the latest syllabus and pattern to give you a chance to analyse your preparation and make you able to crack the exam. Get a true taste of the Mains Exam through hardcore practice sessions.

Highlights - Punjab Judiciary Mains Mock Test Series

  • 12 Full-length descriptive Mock Tests for Mains.*
  • To improve your answering and time management skills.
  • Prepared by the team of experts as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Detailed evaluation and assessment of the answers.
  • Valuable feedback and suggestions from experts.
  • Time-bound evaluation in just 10 days.

Schedule-Based Test Series

Prepare and perform well between tests as you get the test schedule at your convenience. Aiming to bring out the best results, Mains Test Series allows you to attempt the test with a prepared mind and on a given date decided by you. Making you mentally prepare more than ever. Registration: Book Your Slots Here

Quality Questions

A Test Series with high-quality questions prepared after extensive research by our subject experts. Questions prepared keeping in mind the latest trend of the examination focused on giving you a challenging test and an opportunity to have a holistic preparation of subjects.

Intelligent Evaluation by Our Team of Experts

In Mains, the most crucial is the technique and quality of answers. We don't leave you in the middle of anywhere with just the questions. Our team of experts provide valuable suggestions and tips after evaluating your answers. We offer a time-bound evaluation of answers to give you suitable feedback so that you can improve before the next test.

Model Answers

The purpose of the Test series is to make you able to write the answers which can get a high score. To achieve this, we are offering the model answers for the questions contained in the test series. This enables you to incorporate the nitty-gritty of a perfect answer in a short period of time.

Syllabus and content

Mains Exam consists of 5 descriptive papers, provided below.

Paper I – Civil Law

  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • Punjab Courts Act
  • Indian Contract Act
  • Indian Sales of Goods Act
  • Indian Partnership Act
  • Specific Relief Act
  • Transfer of Property Act
  • East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act
  • Indian Evidence Act

Paper II – Civil Law

  • Hindu Law
  • Mohammedan Law and Customary Law
  • Law of Registration
  • Limitation Law

Paper III – Criminal Law

  • Indian Penal Code
  • Criminal Procedure Code
  • Indian Evidence Act

Paper IV – English

  • English Essay
  • Precis
  • Words and Phrases
  • Comprehension
  • Corrections

Paper V – Punjabi

  • Punjabi in Gurmukhi Script

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This Test Series does not include Paper-V (Punjabi Language). Candidates will get 3 tests each for only Paper-I, II, III and IV. The total number of Papers will be 12.

Regular Guidance and Feedback

Confused about the questions? Need guidance related to the Test Series? Or need clarification on the answers? Don't worry! We believe in strengthening our bond with our students by studying hard to achieve their goals.

Legal Bites Academy offers the opportunity to engage with our subject experts to clear your doubts and confusion anytime.

Get answers to all your doubts by contacting us at +91 78360 70747.

Note: Individual Date-Sheet will be provided to the aspirants who opt for our Mains Test Series within 48 hours of opting.


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