Legal Bites presents the Legal Research Methodology Important Question-Answer Series.

Legal Bites presents the Legal Research Methodology Important Question-Answer Series. The questions listed here will help students study for various Competitive and University Exams. Candidates can use Legal Bites' list of questions to help them determine the most important and often asked questions and practice their aptitude and knowledge.

Answering questions is a continuous process that is an inevitable component of any test preparation, as we all know. A well-written response displays not just a candidate's knowledge but also his or her ability to tailor the content to the question's requirements.

It is vital to prepare for this exam to pass it thoroughly. To attain mastery over the subjects studied, applicants only need to keep practising these questions in the months coming up to the examinations. Following it, the candidate's confidence level, as well as their scores, will vastly improve.

Legal Research Methodology Question Answer Series 1: Important Questions for Exams | Part – I

Question 1

"Much of the legal research material is to be found in rules and regulations framed under the authority of a legislation." Elucidate.

Question 2

What do you understand by Reference and Foot-Note?

Question 3

Where would you find research material concerning legal measures to combat air pollution?

Question 4

Discuss the method or methods you will employ in studying the attitude of parents whose wards have been punished under the anti-ragging directions of the Supreme Court.

Question 5

How far newspaper articles/opinions/editorials are useful in legal research pertaining to the holding of the death penalty in 'rarerst of the rare' cases? Explain.

Question 6

What is the role of the Law Commission of India in legal research? Cite one of its recommendations and point out the research content in it?

Question 7

Define and distinguish between a Doctoral (PhD) and post-doctoral (LL.D.) thesis in law.

Question 8

Write brief notes on any two of the following:

i. What is meant by Hypothesis in legal research?

ii. Utility of Census report in legal research.

ii. The drawbacks of "so-called" cut and paste methodology.

iv. Growing influence of social networking sites in shaping public opinion.

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