Law Library: Notes and Study Material for LLB, LLM, Judiciary and Entrance Exams
The study of law is very demanding. It requires one to read a lot from books and bare acts to case commentaries and be abreast of trending cases of legal relevance. Law is dynamic and it grows continuously. Thus it is very difficult for students to comprehend all that is learnt and present it effectively in the form of an essay in the exam.
Legal Bites understands your problems
Legal Bites understands that it is extremely difficult for law students to manage their academics along with co-curricular activities like moot-court competitions, debate competitions and not to mention the plethora of projects, viva and assignments that barely leaves time for them to focus on their academics. Thus it has come with a flagship program to assist the students to study in a comprehensive manner. This program specially designed to help the students pursuing integrated LLB and LLM program.
Quality of Research
These materials are a quality piece of research from eminent research scholars and professors crafted for easy understanding and an affordable study for law students. These are important from the point of view of exams.
Count on us for all your Exams and Research
The subjects range from that of the Law of Torts to specialisation subjects such as Corporate Law and International Law. The modules encapsulate composite legal knowledge from books, scholarly articles, excerpts from bare acts, trending cases and judgements and the primary and secondary resources.

Here's the list of subjects you can study at Legal Bites