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Concepts of constitution, constitutional law, and constitutionalism

The term “Constitutional law” is much extensive in nature with its concept than the term “Constitution”. The Constitutional law includes the Constitution, judicial precedents, relevant statutory laws, and conventions. Introduction A state cannot govern itself on an ad hoc basis without there being some norms to regulate its basic institution. There must be a predictable body of norms… Read More »

Role of Culture in Constitutionalism

This article deals with the role of culture in constitutionalism. The rule of law, in a constitutional state, prevails not because of any politically superior authority but because of the confidence that the people have in the legal system of the country. Introduction A democratic state requires its citizens to willingly obey the law. Such willingness shall only… Read More »

Federalism: Legislative Relations between Centre and States

Introduction One of the salient features of Indian Constitution is that it is the lengthiest written constitution. Constitution now contains 465 Articles, (divided into 25 Parts) and 12 Schedules. Out of those twenty-five Parts, Part XI is titled as “Relations between the Union and the States” and contains two Chapters. This essay specifically deals with 1st Chapter which… Read More »