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A Critical Analysis of the Difference between Illegal and Irregular Procedure

When the procedure followed in any jurisprudence is vast and highly complex, it is inevitable that procedural irregularities will occur. Therefore, the statutes and common law take this into consideration and all irregularities are not prima facie considered void. Meaning of Procedure under the Law Etymologically, the word ‘procedure’ means the official way of doing something or a… Read More »

Unlawful Assembly And Legal Provisions To Curail It

INTRODUCTION Peace and more importantly, the faith that peace shall prevail is critical for the existence of civilized society. Disturbed conditions or uncertainty about future conditions jeopardize the progress of society. At a mundane level, public disorder – or even apprehensions regarding disturbed conditions – hamper economic progress, reduce productivity, discourage commerce and ruin the investment climate. The… Read More »