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10 Important Judgments of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

The 10 important judgments of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom would throw light on the vitality and diversity of matters that are dealt with the newly constituted apex court of constitutional democracy. Established in 2009, the UK SC has played a pivotal role in saving the constitutional principles and democracy. Introduction Established on 1st of October,… Read More »

Features Of The Constitution and its Comparison to Various Constitutions

The Indian Constitution is the supreme law of the land, a social document which is reflecting the “will of the people”. All the powers, functions and validity of legislation lie with the constitution. Therefore, it is supreme than the legislature itself. It is said to be a living document. Its flexibilities lie with amendments and interpretations with time.… Read More »

Federalism: Legislative Relations between Centre and States

Introduction One of the salient features of Indian Constitution is that it is the lengthiest written constitution. Constitution now contains 465 Articles, (divided into 25 Parts) and 12 Schedules. Out of those twenty-five Parts, Part XI is titled as “Relations between the Union and the States” and contains two Chapters. This essay specifically deals with 1st Chapter which… Read More »

The Amendment of the Constitution (Article 368) – Basic Structure Doctrine

To preserve the ideals and philosophy of the original constitution, the Supreme Court has laid down the basic structure doctrine. The doctrine allows the Supreme Court to strike down any amendments that may alter the ‘basic structure’ of the constitution. INTRODUCTION The very basis on which the law of a country is founded is its constitution. The economic, political and… Read More »