Here are the benefits of using Legal Bites subscription for students preparing for the judiciary, CLAT exams, DU entrance, UGC Net Law, AIBE, etc.

Here are the benefits of using Legal Bites subscription for students preparing for the judiciary, CLAT exams, DU entrance, UGC Net Law, AIBE, etc. The aim is to make easily accessible top-notch educational material pertaining to the legal field. Legal Bites is in a constant race to make education affordable for all and help students to achieve their dreams.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

How is legal bites subscription different from SCC Online or Manupatra?

SCC Online and Manupatra are for extensive research and not fundamental learning. Law students must first equip themselves with fundamental learning, and the latest judgment can be scrolled upon while practising law. Legal Bites library is a masterpiece for law students as it primarily separates grains from shafts and highlights what is important.

Legal Bites cover all the important subjects of law with informative material. Basic concepts are the root of the young generation to excel in the legal field. Legal Bites provide the best direction for ambitious law students, as lack of direction, not time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days. Legal Bites uses a simple and effective approach for law students.

Legal profession has observed substantial changes in the previous decade. It is undergoing a transformation as a result of domestic and global evolution. A law student in the present day scenario has a variety of choices in addition to practising in court; these include working as an in-house attorney, being a transactional lawyer, entering academics, becoming a compliance attorney, or a judge etc. The need for specialization in every law-related field is urging an all-round development of a law student. It is ardent that a law student keeps himself/herself constantly updated with recent developments.

Therefore, it becomes essential to have such sources of information that provide comprehensive yet appropriate knowledge. The introduction of technology in the legal industry has significantly impacted traditional sources of learning in contrast to traditional ways of gaining knowledge, making it all but obsolete. Law students and lawyers had to spend a lot of time looking for decisions and rules since there were so many books to read, but today, with the click of a button, the same task can be completed more quickly and accurately.

There are websites such as SCC Online and Manupatra which provide legal databases. However, it is pertinent to note here that the legal field is not limited to judgments, and numerous other aspects provide a more diverse understanding of a legal concept. This is what providing legal content should make available to its users. This is where Legal Bites comes into the picture and provides all-around coverage to every aspect of the legal field.

But the important question which needs to be addressed here is, what makes Legal Bites different from other legal platforms like SCC Online or Manupatra?

Here are a few points addressing the same:

1) Online Law Library

Legal Bites provide subject-wise, and module-wise notes and short commentary on each important topic. These subjects help in supporting learning fundamentals of law and act as a last-minute revision tool. It contains all principles and landmark judgments. It saves time and increases efficiency. Online Legal databases such as Manupatra and SCC are an ocean of judgments, and reading or knowing everything is impossible. These databases are helpful in practising law or searching the latest cases. Alternatively, these judgments are available at no cost on the Supreme Court website.

The important subjects available at Legal Bites are the following:

  1. Constitutional Law
  2. Indian Penal Code
  3. Criminal Procedure Code
  4. Civil Procedure Code
  5. Law of Evidence
  6. Law of Contract
  7. Law of Torts
  8. Criminology
  9. Jurisprudence
  10. Property Law
  11. Administrative Law
  12. Hindu Law
  13. Muslim Law
  14. Company Law
  15. Environmental Law
  16. Labour Law
  17. Securities and Investment Laws
  18. Competition Law
  19. International Law
  20. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  21. Legal General Knowledge
  22. Cyber Law
  23. Human Rights
  24. Intellectual Property Rights

Legal bites cover all-important questions and answers in the context of the syllabus of various Legal Competitive Exams. Truly said by Stephen King,

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."

Take the benefits of the Law Library available at Legal Bites and achieve your goal.

2) Examination Support:

Legal Bites is a one-stop solution for those preparing for entrance exams. It provides the students with an appropriate approach, an exhaustive study schedule, and the drive to accomplish their goal, which is everything a competitive exam applicant needs. Legal Bites assist in different exams, whether law school entrance, judiciary or examinations for Assistant Professors and Junior Research Fellow (JRF).

For students aspiring to get into National Law Universities and other prestigious universities such as Delhi University, Legal Bites has a comprehensive study module and test series designed keeping in mind the previous year's paper patterns and prospective areas, which shall be covered for upcoming entrance examinations. Whether for Under-graduation or Post-graduation, it has a different study module for every entrance exam.

Legal Bites also offers access to previous year's question papers so that the subscribers can thoroughly practice those papers and get familiar with patterns and time management. Apart from this, any subscriber can also access the telegram channels and YouTube videos related to the syllabus. This is something which will never be possible through the subscription of SCC and Manupatra.

3) Legal Articles

Legal Bites provides its subscribers with a huge database of legal articles related to contemporary and important issues that need attention. Every article addresses different aspects of the legal arena and is written by legal writers who are highly skilled in the same. If any subscriber wants to be updated regarding all the legal issues, he/she can stay tuned to the articles regularly updated on the website of Legal Bites.

Even though the judgments of SCC and Manupatra are well recognized, one cannot comprehend such judgments without being aware of their background. Apart from contemporary legal issues, the articles also provide analyses of the recent important judgments of utmost importance and the conceptual background of the areas being dealt with by such decisions. This not only helps the subscriber to stay updated but also aids in understanding the background of such judgement.

4) Interviews

Unlike SCC and Manupatra, Legal Bites also provide a comprehensive collection of interviews with individuals from different areas of law such as professors, advocates, academicians, SEBI officers, Legal Entrepreneurs and many more. Subscribers can easily go through their journey and experiences in the legal field. Those subscribers who are aspiring for any specific positions and examinations can read those interviews and get an insight into the actual ground reality of those positions.

5) Legal Aid

Legal Bites also provides a variety of legal aid to its subscribers, which includes assistance in Business Setup, Court Pleadings, Legal Drafts and Agreements, License and Registration, notices, Tax and Compliance etc., through related Blogs. Legal Bites has a collection of drafting formats which can be referred to while drafting legal documents. It also provides assistance in registration/license/notice and inhabits all the necessary points which shall be kept in mind when doing the same.

These were some of the points which highlight how Legal bites distinguishes itself from mainstream legal knowledge websites merely purchasing costly subscriptions to legal platforms with rather restricted knowledge would not suffice the requirement of all-around development in today’s date. Moreover, it is crucial to provide such content, which is not all facts and figures but rather something which all can quite easily understand.

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