The article 'New Year Resolution of a Law Student' by Sukriti Verma imparts various tips to law students with the utmost focus on studying in a systematic and planned way

The article 'New Year Resolution of a Law Student' imparts various tips to law students with the utmost focus on studying in a systematic and planned way. A new year resolution sets out a good start to the year, it sets an action plan to proceed further in the year. In the words of Munia Khan,

"New Year is the glittering light to brighten the dream-lined path-way of future."


A law student's new year resolution shall be in consonance with his/her goals of the future, amongst a few common goals. Through new year's resolutions, you can keep a sense of control of your life, and it can be a guiding light in your life. When you are lost, they are a reason to be found again. You can look at them, think about them, and they will show you why you started to pursue that goal.

Various Resolutions:

The following are a few common resolutions of a law student:

1. Passing the semester with a good CGPA, which includes attending lectures, maintaining attendance, and scoring good marks. The process for this is to do preparation for lectures in law school, read and come to understand lectures better, or at least read what the professor said to read. Taking complete notes during lectures in a consolidated way will be helpful. It is essential to do assignments and projects on time. Self-studying on a regular basis is a boon for your present and future. Be bold to ask doubts in class as curiosity is the first step in the path of acquiring knowledge.

2. Participating in as many Moot Court Competitions as possible adds great value in developing your resume, and if you win, or get awarded the position of the best memorial, best researcher, etc, it is a plus.

3. Try to read as many judgments as possible in depth, i.e., to inculcate the habit of reading, because as law students, you need to read a lot, to gain in-depth knowledge on the subject.

4. To do as many good internships as possible, according to your field of interest, i.e. litigation internships, corporate internships, or research internships. If you are not sure of your area of interest, then the best option available is to explore by doing various internships in different fields.

5. To form good legal connections, through law school, internships, and attending various seminars and webinars, etc.

6. To spread legal awareness, in the surroundings around us, or by taking part in awareness drives organized by law schools or Legal Services Authorities.

7. Do not waste time mindlessly scrolling social media.

8. Try to take part in college societies, or extracurricular activities, for wholesome development.

9. Make it a habit of writing and publishing research papers on good platforms.

10. Make a list of your weaknesses and work on them, in ways as small as possible.

11. To help your classmates, and juniors in whichever way possible, if they need a little guidance, then provide it to them.

12. To stay fit while doing all these things, by eating healthy and exercising, and sleeping well, because health is wealth.

13. Don't take too much stress doing all this stuff, and don't forget to take little breaks and have fun in between.

14. To be a good human being, amongst other things.

The following are the resolutions of a law student, who is a judiciary aspirant:

1. Prepare a timetable/ schedule to study, either topic-wise or chapter-wise.

2. Revise the subjects that form part of the exam syllabus.

3. Try to revise topics, already studied, so that you don't lose touch with the topics because there is no use in studying a lot if you cannot remember it on the exam day and on the interview day.

4. After you finish studying a topic, solve the previous year's questions and practice questions on that topic.

5. Learn to manage time while solving a question paper, because, the faster you can do questions correctly, the more questions you can do.

6. Always study keeping in mind preliminary and main exams, both of them.

7. Follow the news, through the newspaper or e-paper for general legal updates.

The following are the New year resolutions of an aspiring litigation lawyer:

1. To do an internship in the dispute resolution department in a law firm or under a practising advocate.

2. To do running internships, i.e., to go intern after college hours, to increase experience, because, in litigation, experience is the key to knowledge.

3. Learn to handle clients and to learn to ask for fees without hesitation, because some fresher advocates hesitate or do not know, how to ask for fees, what should be the fees, etc, so to overcome this, you must learn to ask for fees.

4. To get hands-on drafting, ask seniors to give you drafting work, or you can take up freelancing work.

5. Learn the language of the Court, like the manners to address the Judge.

The following are the New year resolutions of an aspiring corporate lawyer:

1. To do internships in corporate firms, or in companies.

2. To learn basic rules of drafting, through various courses on drafting, or through internships.

3. To learn time-saving techniques for reviewing, and proofreading in MS Word or other applications.

4. To learn corporate etiquette, because to survive in the corporate realm, it is a necessity.

However, a law student doesn't have to decide to be in the law field always, for example, he/she can decide to pursue an MBA or open his/her open business, which shall not be criticized, as it is human nature to develop interest for other things as well. In such a scenario, that person shall take a new year resolution to get his/her degree with good marks, and then choose to do whatever, he wants in life, because having a law degree in your name, will always be a plus point, it will only help in future.

If a law student wants to follow his/her passion, which is different from the field of law, such as writing a book, capturing pictures, making YouTube videos, writing a blog, opening a blog page, etc. then he/she must inculcate such things in his/her everyday routine because following your passion keeps your mind healthy, it increases your happiness quotient. However, it must not come at the cost of your law degree, so it should be done as a side chore.

In the end, would like to quote the words of J.Allen Shaw

Don't make resolutions without an action plan. The secret to success is right in your hands.

Contributions from: Sukriti Verma And Apurva Neel

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