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Overview of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008

The Article ‘Overview of the Limited Liability Partnership, Act 2008’ deals in a comprehensive manner with the Limited Liability Act, its purpose, objective, and its importance in India. The article further explains the difference between the Limited Liability Partnership and a Company. The main feature of this Act is that each partner’s liability is limited to the amount… Read More »

 New Age Mediation: Analysis of Mediation Bill, 2021

The article ‘ New Age Mediation: Analysis of Mediation Bill, 2021’ by Atulit Raj describes the implications of the Mediation Bill, 2021 while pressing on the need in the Indian context. In India, the foremost legal recognition to mediation has been given in the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. The idea behind the Mediation Bill, 2021 is to… Read More »

Adoption under Hindu Law

The Article ‘Adoption under Hindu Law’ by Jatin Rana gives a vivid explanation of how adoption has now become legal in India and the emphasis is on Hindu Law. Both males and females are conferred equal rights for adoption.  Except for Hindu personal law of adoption, we cannot find any written personal laws of adoption for non-Hindus (Muslim,… Read More »

UGC NET Law Exam: : Study Material, Test Series and Tips

UGC NET Law is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) across India to assess the eligibility of candidates to become Assistant Professors and avail Junior Research Fellowship. UGC NET is conducted twice a year, i.e. June & December. Get Mock tests, previous year papers, subject-wise tests, study material, syllabus, tips, and notifications and study effectively. UGC NET Law… Read More »

Sealed Cover Jurisprudence: Meaning, Explanation And Challenges

What does Sealed Cover Jurisprudence mean? To understand what sealed cover jurisprudence is, we will first look at the term ‘sealed cover’. As its name suggests, it is a cover/envelope which is sealed. Well, that was simple, but why sealed? Oh come on! Why do we seal something, because it contains a secret or some kind of confidential… Read More »

Overview of the POCSO Act

This article delves into POCSO Act in depth. It endeavours to focus on the benefits of the POCSO Act and in detail analyses the ill effects on the minds of innocent children when they face sexual harassment. The author admires the legislative intent behind the enactment of the POCSO Act. The author has also cited various landmark case… Read More »

Dadaji Bhikaji v. Rukhmabai (1885) ILR 9 Bom 529

This Case Analysis on “Dadaji Bhikaji v. Rukhmabai” prepared by Jatin Rana is one of the landmark decisions of the High Court of Bombay on the restitution of conjugal rights. In fact, this was the first case dealing with the restitution of conjugal rights, and as such, no precedents were available on such matters. The Court gave a… Read More »

The Noble Legal Profession: Preserving the Noble

The article ‘The Noble Legal Profession: Preserving the Noble’ by AOR Jasmeet Singh tries to explain how in today’s time the main motive in every profession has become to earn more without being committed to one’s own duty. The author further even says that he belongs to a legal field and still he can see the drifting of… Read More »

Is Beating Students in Indian Schools Legal?

The article ‘Is Beating Students in  Indian Schools Legal?’ is a critical analysis of corporal punishment and deals in a descriptive manner as to the ways taken by the apex court and the legislative provisions in declaring the beating of children an offence. The article entails the harsh punishments given by the parents and teachers leave a negative… Read More »