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Doctrine of Basic Structure: A Short Story of a Long History

Introduction It has been a decade since the basic structure doctrine has become the bedrock of India’s constitutional jurisprudence. The doctrine which was formulated by the supreme court in Kesavananda Bharathi’s case prevents the uncontrolled exercise of the power of the parliament to amend the constitution. Accordingly, any constitutional Amendments which alter the “basic structure” of the constitution… Read More »

Legal Implications of the Intellectual Property Rights In The Field Of Copyright And Biotechnology Laws – A. Jonah Elisa Shiny

This article on the ‘Legal Implications of Intellectual Property Rights In The Field Of Copyright And Biotechnology Laws’ by A. Jonah Elisa Shiny throws light on the features of Copyright Laws and their legal Implications. Further, it explains the emergence of innovative technologies in the field of Biology. Finally, it elucidates the basic relationship between Intellectual Property rights… Read More »

India’s legal position on online gambling in 2021

The legality of gambling can be difficult to track in countries where states have different regulations. This is the case with India and the country’s stance on gambling. Legality depends on how an activity is defined by the court which is shared by all states regardless of their different stances. Here’s a quick rundown of gambling’s legal position… Read More »

“Work From Home” Catalysing Sexual Harassment?

Do you remember the last movie you saw in the theatres? Mine was “Thappad” – starring Tapsi Pannu. It is a well-made, women-centric movie which addresses, rather reminds the viewer of the many awful, ubiquitous yet latent, trends in the society, which were (and arguably still are) mostly accepted as a generic, “no need to fret about”, norm… Read More »

ADR in the Indian Criminal Justice System

This article by Vishwa Badrinath narrows down to the use of ADR in the Indian Criminal Justice system. In criminal law, we generally avoid using the term out of court settlement or ADR but we do have forms of ADR that are being practically accepted and being used in common. The concept by which the cases are finished… Read More »

Financial Incentive for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the need of the hour as there are increasing concerns raised about the impact of corporate activities on society and the environment. A bad CSR image can cause too much damage to the company and its stakeholders, hence the need to comply with CSR activities. CSR is conducted with the incentive of goodwill… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About the India-UK Trade Deal

On 4th May 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed trade and investment deals worth $1.39 billion, after holding a virtual meeting. The UK and India are, consecutively, the fifth and sixth largest economies in the world. This meeting has been hailed as a start of a new era in bilateral relations between the two nations as… Read More »

Role of Different Functionaries Under The Code

The functionaries under the Code of Criminal Procedure are fundamental for the implementation of different arrangements of this Code. Introduction The law is seen as “establishing a “government” with a well-equipped office with power over the problem. In order to maintain and implement the standards set out in the law, the law’s characteristics are as follows: illegal crimes… Read More »