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Unfettered Powers of Police and Need for Reforms

Introduction Police are a standout amongst the most pervasive associations of the general public. The policemen, accordingly, happen to be the most obvious delegates of the administration. In an hour of need, threat, emergency and trouble, when a citizen does not know, what to do and whom to approach, the police headquarters and a policeman happen to be… Read More »

How a Real Estate Lawyer Helps You to Save Your Money

How a Real Estate Lawyer Helps You to Save Your Money Based on the findings of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average cost of homes out there is $480,743, which is an amount that varies from one region to the other. Buying a house is one of the major, expensive investments people make, and with the… Read More »

The Recent Ban On Chinese Apps “Its Implications And Understanding The Reasons Of Banning Chinese Apps In India”

This article on the recent ban on Chinese Apps “Its Implications And Understanding The Reasons Of Banning Chinese Apps In India” has been written by Adv. Himanjali Gautam. Introduction Recently, the Indian government has banned 47 Chinese apps which were variants of Chinese-linked 59 apps banned earlier on 29 June 2020. Official Sources from the government reveals that… Read More »

India and the Conundrum of Equalisation Levy

Introduction There has been much uproar about equalisation levy in the context of the digital economy. The essence of this levy is to make companies pay their fair share of taxes and address challenges posed by the increased digitalization of the economy. Lately, the Finance Act, 2020 extended the ambit of the equalisation levy aiming at e-commerce giants… Read More »

National Education Policy, 2020: All you need to know

The National Education Policy of 2020 has been constituted by the newly commissioned Ministry of Education. This has given rise to several questions like; What is the National Education Policy? How is NEP going to be implemented? This article gives a prompt glance into NEP and how it is planned to be implemented by the government. The National… Read More »

Major Amendments to the Consumer Protection Act of 2019

This article discusses the latest major amendments to the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 with key insights into the relevance of the term, Consumer, directly addressing the importance of its demands. The Pandemic is taking over the economy, with a number of cases rising each day, extending over to consecutive lockdowns. With talks on provisions to decriminalize Section… Read More »

COVID-19: The Push Towards Online Legal Education

This article examines the push towards online legal education during COVID-19 and the mandatory role it has taken for the survival of the academia or every field that involves communication. It also analyses the impact of COVID-19 on the future of legal education. It further takes note of the advantages as well as disadvantages of providing legal education… Read More »