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Whether lockdown entitles the tenants for suspension of rent during COVID 19: The lessor lessee relationship

This article argues whether lockdown entitles the tenants for suspension of rent during COVID 19 and the legal impact of the lessor lessee relationship in consequence of such conditions. Owing to the uncertain nature of the pandemic, it has become imperative to foster mutual co-operation while seeking for legal avenues whenever it becomes inevitable. Introduction Coronavirus/COVID-19 has majorly… Read More »

Legislation for Fake News Regulation

The legislation for fake news regulation has become an obligation because of the rising number of pseudo-essential spread of absolutely baseless information through the use of several online platforms. It has guided people like us as their spectators and pushed us into believing the authenticity of the content. This article deals with the use of the internet as… Read More »

Honour: An Abstract Weapon

This article talks about the idea of Honour Killing and its improper use as an abstract weapon by the depraved. In the year 2016, a tweet surfaced online which was authored by a journalist from Pakistan, Mubashir Zaidi against a judgement passed by a court in Multan. It said, “ It is now proven that a mullah will… Read More »

The National Population (Control and Stabilization) Bill 2020: Draft Bill by Suprabh Garg

This draft bill titled ‘The National Population (Control and Stabilization) Bill 2020’ has been prepared by Suprabh Garg. He has secured second position in the 1st National Legislative Drafting Competition 2020. The National Population (Control and Stabilization) Bill 2020 A Bill to revitalize efforts and provide for measures to control and stabilize the population of the country by… Read More »

Legislation Review: The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019

This Legislation Review of The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 has been completed by Shivangi Pandia, National Law University, Nagpur. The author was adjudged the winner of  National Legislative Review Competition 2020. The author has reviewed the provisions starting from long title to the subsequent sections of the act. Legislation Review: The Transgender Persons (Protection of… Read More »

The Abuse Of Police Power And Police Brutality

Police brutality and the abuse of power, held by them is one of the most alarming and gruesome challenges for a country. It shows the failure of a system to address such heinous acts while instituting the same inadvertently by not taking appropriate actions against them. A country must not denude the citizens of their rights, even those… Read More »

Wo-Man-Handling: A determined prefix to foster Progress

Wo-Man-Handling has been a determined prefix to foster progress because of the inherent misconceptions and beliefs, that have led to women’s concrete status as secondary citizens. This article establishes the dilemmatic circumstances during the pandemic and the sudden recognition in the surge of domestic violence cases. By May, 2020, National Commission for Women received 587 complaints from March… Read More »

An Analysis of India’s failing Prison System from a Gendered Lens

This article deals with an analysis of India’s failing Prison System from a Gendered Lens and the manifestations of prejudice in building a structure that promotes some insensitive practices. The condition of Prisons has never been adequately competent but the problems have not been realised on a gender level, creating conflicts with the constitutional framework on the Right… Read More »

Patriarchy: Seeking for a ‘License’ to Co-Exist

This article on ‘Patriarchy: Seeking for a ‘License’ to Co-Exist’ has been written by Anukriti Poddar and Shreya Mittal. Dominance has been a never-ending phenomenon and as its consequence, many sections of the society, especially that of women have been severely affected. Violence against women has not been a straightforward concept. This article talks about how the position… Read More »