V. S. Mani Centre for Air and Space Law (VSMCASL) is pleased to present before you the 2nd Edition of GNLU Air and Space Law Conference 2023.

V. S. Mani Centre for Air and Space Law (VSMCASL) is pleased to present before you the 2nd Edition of GNLU Air and Space Law Conference 2023. The 2nd Edition is scheduled to be organised on 6th March 2023.

About GNLU

Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), located in Gujarat, India, was established by the Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003 and is recognized by the Bar Council of India (BCI) and University Grants Commission (UGC). GNLU is a comprehensive, student-centric, multidisciplinary and research-focused University, dedicated to build an environment enabling critical thinking on the fundamental legal issues. It offers (1) B.A., LL.B. (Hon.), (2) B.Com., LL.B. (Hon.), (3) B.Sc.LL.B. (Hon.), (4) B.B.A., LL.B. (Hon.), (5) B.S.W. LL.B, (6) LL.M. and (7) Ph.D. in law and allied subjects.

GNLU is ranked 8th in the latest ranking issued by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), 2022 of the Government of India. GNLU has also been awarded "A" Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and ranked number 1 in Gujarat with 5 stars by the Gujarat State Institutional Ranking Framework.

GNLU is committed to excellence in teaching, research and holistic development of the student and staff. It aims to develop a sense of responsibility among the students and research scholars to serve society with the help and in the field of law by developing skills with regard to advocacy, legal service, legislation, law reforms and the like. It aims to promote legal knowledge and to make law and the legal process efficient instruments of social development and social justice.

About V.S. Mani Centre for Air and Space Law

VSMCASL was established in 2019 to engage in various ways in shaping the emerging discourse in the field of Air and Space Law. The Centre's vision is to improve the existing legal and policy framework for facilitation and regulation of safe, secure, affordable and sustainable aviation and to contribute in the shaping of legal foundation for the future of humanity that lies in space.

The Centre is established with the following objectives:

- To provide a platform to the students to develop their research skills in the field of Air and Space Law.

- To encourage trans-disciplinary research on issues concerning Air and Space Law.

- To contribute, through research, in Law and Policy making in the field of Air and Space Law at both international and national level.

- To organise seminars, conferences, workshops, round tables etc. with the aim to provide a platform to facilitate deliberations amongst the stakeholders on the various issues confronting Air and Space Law and to contribute thereby in the ongoing discourse.

- To provide research insights to defence and security forces pertaining to the field of Air and Space Law.

- To collaborate with other universities and research institutions to facilitate exchange of faculty and students to understand and develop mutual perspectives and contexts regarding the future prospects of Air and Space Law.

- To identify the training needs of various stakeholders and design short term and long term courses in order to impart training in the field of Air and Space Law.

- To engage with stakeholders within the industry about the practical challenges and the feasibility of implementing regulations and policies in Air and Space Law.

- To create a network of practitioners, researchers etc, active in the field of Air and Space Law.

- To create awareness about the niche field of Air and Space Law through its various activities like essay competitions, quizzes etc.

- Link of the Centre webpage https://gnlu.ac.in/VSMC-Air-Space-Law/Home

About the GNLU Air and Space Law Conference

States are exhibiting an increasingly keen interest in augmenting investments in developing their capabilities and competencies in the realm of both air and space activities. Non-State actors, including private investors are no exceptions to this emerging trend. It is becoming evident that a nation’s supremacy in air and space will define international relations in the years to come. Recognizing this potential, the Centre organizes GNLU Air and Space Law Confence as a platform for engaging in discourse on contemporary legal issues in the field of air and space.

The first edition of the Conference was successfully conducted by GNLU in 2022. Encouraged by the overwhelming success of the last Edition, the V. S. Mani Centre for Air and Space Law (VSMCASL) is pleased to present before you the 2nd Edition of GNLU Air and Space Law Conference 2023. The 2nd Edition is scheduled to be organised on 6th March 2023.

Aims and Objectives

- To acquaint participants with various aspects relating to safety and security of aviation and space activities.

- To enhance understanding amongst the participants of the various principles enshrined in the international instruments meant for regulating air and space law.

- To create awareness amongst participants about recent trends in civil aviation and the militarization and commercialization of outer space.

- To enable the participants to understand the various dispute redressal mechanisms in air and space law and their efficacy.

- To facilitate discourse amongst stakeholders within the industry about the practical challenges and the feasibility of implementing regulations and policies in air and space law.

- To familiarize participants with a country-specific approach with regard to Air and Space law.

- To enable participants to appreciate the challenges in developing national aviation and space policy.

Concept Note

Restrictions imposed due Covid 19 pandemic are being gradually relaxed the world over. The aviation industry is emerging from its disastrous fallout in an encouraging manner. While safety and security continue to be the predominant concern, it is the commercial viability that has gained the focus of stakeholders. India continues to be a promising player due to various initiatives that have been taken by the government in recent years.

The strategic significance of space is being realised due to the creation of space assets through ever-improving technologies. Increasing commercialisation of space necessitates a rethink as to how we comprehend space in the present world. Independent space ventures are becoming a norm. Even human space exploration is becoming more and more reliant on the participation of private players. The Indian government has also taken significant steps like establishing a regulator to encourage the involvement of private players in the space industry.

Against this backdrop, the International Conference aims to provide a platform for deliberations amongst Air and Space Law enthusiasts and thereby contribute to the emerging discourse on the challenges posed to Air and Space Law in the future.

Tentative Themes

- Latest issues in space law including but not limited to space tourism, space debris, commercial space mining, environmental harm, space exploration, international liability for incidents in space

- National space policies

- Current challenges relating to territorial sovereignty and its extension in air and space

- Aviation-related crimes and Aerial Terrorism

- Air Accidents and Incident Investigation

- Regime Governing Military and Civil Airports

- Case laws relating to International Air Law

Expected Tangible Outcomes

- Comprehension of contemporary issues in Air and Space Law

- Proficiency over the technical nuances of Air and Space Law

- Identification of gaps and propose workable legal and policy solutions

- Creation of network of aspiring students of law, industry practitioners, armed force officers and other professionals in the field of Air and Space Law.


- Legislative and Regulatory Authorities;

- Armed Forces;

- Professionals from Aviation and Space Industry;

- International Organizations;

- Institutions focused on Private and Public Capacity building;

- Faculty Members;

- Scholars

- Researchers and Students

- Professionals/Practicioners interested in the theme of the academy

Fees (Inclusive of GST)

GNLU Students - ₹590/-

Non–GNLU Students - ₹1180/-

Others - ₹1770

GNLU Staff - Free

Accomodation and Food (for VIP Residency) – Separate Charges of ₹_______/-

Accommodation will be provided in the University Guest House on first come first serve basis to a limited number of participants with prior registration. Kindly visit the following link for further details about accommodation:

http://www.gnlu.ac.in/Training and VIP Residency.php

Important Dates

1. Last Date for Abstract Submission – Friday, 31st March 2023.

2. Abstract Selection and Intimation – Monday, 10th April 2023.

3. Last Date for Registration – Saturday, 15th April 2023

4. Last Date for Full Paper Submission – Wednesday, 10th May 2023.

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Gujarat National Law University (Blended Mode)

Organising Team

- CHIEF PATRON: Prof. Dr. S. Shanthakumar (Director, GNLU)

- Convenor: Dr. Divya Tyagi (Assistant Professor of Law, GNLU)

- Coordinators:

o Ms. Heena Goswami (Asst. Prof., Science and Technology, GNLU)

o Dr. Thomas Mathew (Prof., Science and Technology, GNLU)

o Mr. Shrey Kapoor (Teaching and Research Associate of Law, GNLU)

Email: vsmcasl@gnlu.ac.in
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