Veenu Mittal has practiced as an advocate specializing in matrimonial cases for 20 years.

Veenu Mittal has practiced as an advocate specializing in matrimonial cases for 20 years. She obtained her law degree from Delhi University and became a member of the Bar Association of India in 2005. Her practice also encompasses civil and family law.

Interview: Veenu Mittal | Advocate

We recently got a chance to interview Veenu Mittal. Here’s the transcript of the Interview: Veenu Mittal

Legal Bites: What inspired you to become a marital advocate?

Veenu Mittal: I became a matrimonial advocate because of the instances, the facts, the distinctions, and the rights of women. There is a wealth of knowledge and exploration in this field.

Legal Bites: Which case altered your outlook on life?

Veenu Mittal: There isn't a situation like that. However, what influences me are the words of gratitude my clients give me for presenting their case and, most importantly, for winning the lawsuit and having their expectations fulfilled.

Legal Bites: Do you prefer to help your client via an out-of-court settlement, particularly in custody situations, and can you explain what kinds of situations?

Veenu Mittal: When a client's circumstances prevent them from battling for more than three months in court, I counsel them to seek an out-of-court settlement. For instance, when the spouse resides outside of India or when there are disputes about child custody.

Legal Bites: Have you ever dealt with a mediator before?

Veenu Mittal: Yes, I have dealt with mediators before, and it is one of the beneficiary methods.

Legal Bites: What are some common blunders that an attorney makes in a marital case that may be avoided?

Veenu Mittal: In my opinion, common faults that must be avoided are failing to prepare for court or the case, making strong arguments, and filing evidence on time, all of which have an influence on the case and the parties involved and show a disregard for the court's time.

Legal Bites: What percentage of your cases involve situations like prenups, complex assets, child custody, etc.?

Veenu Mittal: Nine out of ten involve such situations.

Legal Bites: Which guidance do you believe an advocate should offer in early divorce cases?

Veenu Mittal: Counselling is the first and foremost step that has guided me because it helps in clearing the misunderstanding that doesn’t lead to divorce; nonetheless, if the parties, after getting counselled, want to opt for divorce, then the case is being taken further accordingly.

Legal Bites: According to you, any specific right or section needs to be amended in favour of husbands?

Veenu Mittal: According to me, there should be a separate Act that deals with the protection of rights for men, and it should briefly cover the maintenance structure regarding when the husband is entitled to and not to and its job profile and the salary shall be focused before granting such maintenance; moreover, it shall be briefly specified when the husband can file for divorce, and further shall cover all the rights where the husband can get exploited by his wife.

Legal Bites: How do you stay updated with the latest developments in family law to ensure you provide the best legal advice to your clients?

Veenu Mittal: The latest judgements and well-trusted law sites help in getting updated.

Legal Bites: In your opinion, how do online platforms such as Legal Bites assist young lawyers in staying updated on recent developments in family law?

Veenu Mittal: By providing short and crisp information on the latest amendments or highlighting major points in law by specifying cases.

Legal Bites: Do you consider extensive online libraries such as Legal Bites to be a convenient resource for accessing information on a wide range of topics in one place?

Veenu Mittal: Yes, I consider it since it helps in cases and increases knowledge.

Legal Bites: According to you and your experience how should a new lawyer build trust with a client?

Veenu Mittal: According to my personal experience, confidence, knowledge, and the percentage of cases won help you build trust with a client.

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