We recently got a chance to interview Chandrarupa Chatterjee here’s the transcript of the Interview: Chandrarupa Chatterjee, Assistant Professor

Chandrarupa Chatterjee, a distinguished alumna of the Faculty of Law, Delhi University, stands as a testament to the brilliance and dedication that define legal education. With an illustrious academic journey culminating in an LLM from WBNUJS, Kolkata, Chandrarupa brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her role as an Assistant Professor at the School of Law, NMIMS, Navi Mumbai.

Her profound impact resonates through the subjects she teaches, ranging from Company Law and Civil Procedure to the Interpretation of Statutes, Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing. Beyond imparting knowledge, Chandrarupa embodies the essence of mentorship, guiding her students with unwavering commitment and insight.

Interview: Chandrarupa Chatterjee, Assistant Professor

We recently got a chance to interview Chandrarupa Chatterjee here’s the transcript of the Interview: Chandrarupa Chatterjee, Assistant Professor

Legal Bites: What inspired you to pursue a career in teaching, particularly in your field of expertise?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: The love for the subject and the ability to make complex concepts easily understandable have always motivated me to be an educator.

The dynamic opportunities in the field of academia and the opportunity to generate critical thinking among my students have always inspired me.

Legal Bites: As a faculty member, what teaching methodologies do you find most effective in engaging students and facilitating their learning?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: As a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Delhi University, I have always found case-based learning to be effective, thus I try and encourage my students to understand the point of law with the help of cases. Discussion method also helps in engaging students, not to forget that in today’s time and age it is essential to provide employable knowledge, which students gain through experiential learning during their internships.

Legal Bites: How do you stay updated with the latest developments and advancements in your area of specialization?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: Attending legal workshops, networking with colleagues in this field and subscribing to legal journals help in keeping myself updated and relevant in my area of specialization.

Legal Bites: What do you see as the main challenges in higher education today, and what solutions do you think can effectively address them?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: Preparing the students for the evolving job market, making them accustomed to the technological developments in the field of education, and mental health issues are a few of the challenges in higher education and they may be addressed by balancing the pressure in institutions, offering the ‘cafeteria approach’ in planning the curriculum and providing skill-based learning.

Legal Bites: As a mentor to many students, what advice would you give to aspiring scholars or professionals in your field?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: I would advise them to Inspire, Engage, Support and Collaborate.

Legal Bites: Can you share an anecdote or memorable experience from your teaching career that has left a lasting impression on you?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: When my former students send me their progress reports, share their achievements and express their gratitude, that is exhilarating, knowing that I have had an impact on their career trajectory.

Legal Bites: In light of the growing significance of interdisciplinary studies, how do you integrate interdisciplinary approaches into both your teaching methods and research endeavours?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: By providing cross-disciplinary examples, collaborating with guest speakers and giving interdisciplinary topics for research as assignments help in exposing the students to diverse perspectives and methodologies.

Legal Bites: To what extent do you believe platforms such as Legal Bites are beneficial for students and contribute to their learning and development?

Chandrarupa Chatterjee: Platforms like Legal Bites help students stay updated, get study material, get career guidance and educate them about ethical research and publication.Platforms like these will surely help in enhancing learning and professional development.

Legal Bites: Thank you so much!

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