The article '8 Essential things for a legal intern' by Shivani Sangwan deals in detail with all the basic requirements for a legal intern to look elegant and modish.

The article '8 Essential things for a legal intern' deals in detail with all the basic requirements for a legal intern to look elegant and modish. Law is a highly professional course that requires hard work, punctuality, sincerity, and determination. Similarly, legal interns are also supposed to act in a professional manner, and to do the same there is a list of certain essential things required by a legal intern.

1. Formal outfit

It is believed that the first impression is the last impression and being an intern in a legal profession, uniform plays a major role. Therefore, the intern should be careful about the outfit and make herself/himself presentable. The uniform of an intern should include:

White shirt: Peter England Men's Regular Fit Shirt made up of cotton is available on amazon, and ZX3 Women's Cotton Regular Fit Formal/Casual Shirt available here.

Black trousers:

Luxury PV Lycra Stretchable Formal Pants for Men

FRAULEIN Women's Formal Office Pants

Tie: For him and her Free Size Solid Satin Plain Classy Colored Formal Necktie available on amazon

Black Blazer: For him Shaftesbury London Mens Slim Fit Formal Blazer available on amazon, and for her YELLOW PINE Stylish Casual Regular Fit Formal Blazer for Women's Black available on amazon

Formal shoes: For him FENTACIA Mens Genuine Leather Oxford Formal Shoes available here, and for her KRAFTER High Heel Office (Bellies) wear Women Formal Shoes

2. Perfume and Deodorant

It is important to smell good along with good looks. Therefore, it is important that the intern uses decent perfume to smell good. Choose any good perfume from Axe for men which is available on amazon and for women, Secret Temptation Travel Pack is suggested.

3. Smartphone

Interning requires an intern to be up to date and requires good communication skills to handle the work sincerely. Therefore, the intern should have a smartphone with good cellular technology. One such smartphone with good cellular technology and up-to-date features is OnePlus Nord 2T 5G.

4. Laptop

An intern has to deal with a lot of drafting and research work that could not be done easily on a smartphone. Therefore, the intern should carry a laptop to finish the work efficiently. The latest 11th gen HP laptop with good storage is available on amazon.

5. Basic stationery

The intern should carry basic stationery to avoid any delay in the task. Basic stationery should include a notepad to note down tasks or important stuff, sticky notes to mark important information, a pen to write down the information, and a highlighter to highlight the required material. You can choose from all the necessary office stationary items here.

6. Bag

A bag is important to keep all the things organized in one place so that the intern does not miss any essential things. A good unisex leather bag for office purposes is available here.

7. Lunchbox and water bottle

Health is wealth and to maintain good health it is important for an intern to be hydrated and have good food. Therefore, a lunchbox and water bottle are important. It is a good deal to get both of the things together which are leak-proof and microwave safe such a deal is offered by amazon.

8. Face wipes and mouth freshener spray

The work of a legal intern includes a lot of traveling and tiring tasks so during internships the interns should look fresh. So face wipes are important to cleanse your face which is available here and to keep away from bad breath mouth freshener spray is also a must.

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