Faculty of Law at SGT University, Gurugram is organising the 1st SGTU International Moot Court Competition 2024.

SGT University, as a part of its endeavours of providing and facilitating its support to the student community, takes immense pleasure in announcing the 1st SGTU International Moot Court Competition 2024. The event shall be held on 30th & 31st August, 2024 ONLINE & 14th September, 2024 OFFLINE.


SGT University, nationally renowned for leadership in Medical and Health Sciences has established the Faculty of Law to promote profound scholarship and enlightened research in law, to provide the highest quality professional legal education to face the new challenges and dimensions of the internationalization of the legal profession. The vision of the Faculty of Law is to be “recognized nationally and globally for excellence in clinical legal education, community-based out-reach program, socially relevant research and for honing up Lawyering, Arbitration, Mediation and Client Counseling Skills.” An abode for continual activity and unrelenting vitality, the Faculty of Law offers a wide array of academic and extracurricular opportunities making every day a potential adventure for the students.


The Moot Court Society, Faculty of Law, SGT University stands as a lively foundation that is fully committed towards enriching the law school experience for students. The students, driven by their passion for advocacy and legal discourse, organise engaging events. In the spirit of collaboration, the faculty lends their expertise to guide students on their path to mastery of legal advocacy. This synergy between the students and faculty is what truly makes the Moot Court Society a force to be reckoned with. Through organising moot court competitions, workshops, and seminars, they foster a vibrant environment for sharing ideas. Together, they transform law school into a hub for intellectual and personal growth.


1) Students enrolled in a 3-year Law programme or in an integrated 5-year Law programme are eligible for the Competition.


The Registration process of the teams has already begun. The Registration process shall end on 20th August 2024 by 23:59 IST. The prescribed fee for the competition is INR 3,000/- only. THE FEE ONCE PAID WILL NOT BE REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

The participating teams shall fill out the Registration Form through the Link attached herewith and the screenshot of the online payment along with the Transaction ID, https://forms.gle/Q4v7fPpvtYqerEmb9

The registration fee of INR 3,000/- also covers Food for the offline mode. It is important to note that the fee structure remains constant at INR 3,000/-, regardless of whether a team chooses to avail themselves of the Food or not.




  1. Last Date for Payment and submission of the soft copy of Registration Form: 20th August 2024
  2. Last Date for seeking Clarifications: 22nd August 2024
  3. Release of Clarifications: 24th August 2024
  4. Last date for submission of soft copies of Memorials: 26th August 2024
  5. Inauguration Ceremony: 30th August 2024
  6. Researchers' Test:30th August 2024
  7. Preliminary and Quarter-Final Rounds: 31st August 2024
  8. Semi-Final and Final Rounds: 14th September 2024
  9. Valedictory Ceremony: 14th September 2024


  1. WINNER: Trophy, Certificate of Appreciation and Cash Prize of INR 31,000/-
  2. RUNNER UP: Trophy, Certificate of Appreciation and Cash Prize of INR 25,000/-
  3. BEST MOOTER: Trophy, Certificate of Appreciation and Cash Prize of INR 7,000/-
  4. BEST MEMORIAL: Trophy, Certificate of Appreciation and Cash Prize of INR 10,000/-
  5. BEST RESEARCHER: Trophy, Certificate of Appreciation and Cash Prize of INR 7,000/-


All queries, clarifications/ information- requests must be directed to Email ID: mcs@sgtuniversity.org.

· Contact details of the MCS:

  • Dr. Ankita Sharma, Faculty Convenor- 8739852596
  • Ankit (Convenor): 9958775191
  • Ashima (Convenor): 9817264320
  • Ankit Kadian (Member Secretary): 9050557347

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