Participate in the 1st Young Lawyer's National Moot Court Competition 2024 by Saveetha School of Law & Asian School of Cyber Laws.

Saveetha School of Law, SIMATS, Chennai & Asian School of Cyber Laws is organising the 1st Young Lawyer's National Moot Court Competition, 2024 from 31st May to 2nd June.

About the Event

The inaugural National Young Lawyers Moot 2024, hosted by Saveetha School of Law in collaboration with the Asian School of Cyber Laws, is poised to redefine legal competitions in India. This pioneering event is scheduled to run from the 31st of May to the 2nd of June, 2024, and aims to establish a new benchmark in the sphere of legal contests across the nation.

The National Young Lawyers Moot is designed as an exceptional platform for young legal practitioners with less than five years of post-qualification experience (PQE) to exhibit their legal expertise and rhetorical skills. Eligibility for the competition is limited to teams of two young lawyers who are officially registered with the Bar Council and have been actively practicing law for no more than five years of PQE. This criterion ensures that the moot court is a battleground of equals, where young lawyers from across the country can measure their legal acumen against their peers.

Centered on criminal law, with a special focus on Cyber law, this event presents a unique challenge for participants to tackle the intricacies of law in the digital era. It encourages them to address and solve contemporary legal dilemmas that hold significant importance in today's global legal framework. Through this event, Saveetha School of Law and the Asian School of Cyber Laws aspire to inspire a new generation of legal professionals who are not only adept at handling the complexities of the law but are also ready to lead the charge in the dynamic field of Cyber law.

Beyond the lure of attractive prize money, the National Young Lawyers Moot stands out as an invaluable opportunity for networking, mentorship, and the exchange of knowledge. Participants will have the chance to connect with seasoned professionals and peers from leading law firms nationwide, facilitating a rich environment for professional growth and collaboration. This aspect of the event underscores its role not just as a competition, but as a catalyst for building a community of young legal practitioners who are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the legal profession in the 21st century.

Hence, the National Young Lawyers Moot 2024 promises to be more than just a legal competition; it is a comprehensive professional development experience. It offers young lawyers a rare platform to showcase their talents, refine their skills, and engage with the broader legal community.

About the Collaborating Institutions:

Saveetha School of Law, SIMATS:

Part of the prestigious Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, the Saveetha School of Law stands as a beacon of legal education in India. Founded on the principles of innovation, practical knowledge, and academic excellence, it offers a comprehensive curriculum that spans across various branches of law. With state-of-the-art facilities, distinguished faculty, and a vibrant student community, the institution is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of legal professionals equipped to address the challenges of an ever-evolving legal landscape.

Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune:

Established in 1999, the Asian School of Cyber Laws is at the forefront of cyber law education and research in India. It has played a pivotal role in crafting cyber law experts who are now leading the fight against cybercrime both nationally and globally. With a curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical insights, the institution is committed to producing professionals well-versed in the nuances of cyber law, data protection, and digital forensics, making it an ideal partner for the Young Lawyers Moot.

This inaugural edition of the Young Lawyers Moot, therefore, is not just a competition; it's a milestone in legal education and professional development, offering young lawyers a chance to shine on a prestigious platform, while benefiting from the combined expertise of Saveetha School of Law, SIMATS, and the Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune.


31st May – 2nd June 2024. Saveetha School Of Law, Simats, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  • Participation is open to young enrolled lawyers with less than five years of professional experience.
  • Each team shall consist of TWO members.


  • Teams must register for the competition by completing the registration form in the brochure or Register Here: and send a confirmation email to with the subject “Registration for SSL 1st YOUNG LAWYER’S NATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION, 2024”.
  • The last date for registration and payment of the registration fee is 12th April 2024.


  1. Best overall team: Rs.50,000/-
  2. Best Speaker: Rs.10,000/-
  3. Most Persuasive argument award: Rs.10,000/-
  4. Best Rebuttal Award: Rs.10,000/-
  5. Most Enthusiastic participating Law Firm: Rs.10,000/-
  6. Best Advocate for the Petitioner Award: Rs.5,000/-
  7. Best Advocate for the Respondent Award: Rs.5,000/-


  • Date of Problem release: 15th March, 2024
  • Last date for payment and final registration: 12th April, 2024
  • Last date for seeking clarification: 13th April 2024
  • Release of clarification: 16th April 2024
  • Submission of Written Brief/ Compendium (Soft Copy): 30th April 2024
  • Submission of Written Brief/ Compendium (Hard Copy): 31st May 2024
  • Inaugural session & Preliminary Rounds: 1st June 2024
  • Quarter-Finals: 1st June 2024
  • Semi-finals: 2nd June 2024
  • Finals and Valedictory session: 2nd June 2024

Contact Information:

For inquiries or assistance, please contact:

Faculty Coordinators

  1. Dr. Aswathy Prakash G: 99495 64411.
  2. Mrs. Jayapreethi: 79046 87507.
  3. Mr. Alwin Fredrick Y: 99431 21111.

Student Coordinators:

Mr. Govardhan S.: 63797 92795

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