Kerala Law Academy is organising the 33rd All India Moot Court Competition 2024. Scroll down for more details!

Kerala Law Academy (KLA) is organizing its 33rd All India Moot Court Competition 2024, scheduled to be held from 07th to 10th February 2024.

About the Institution

About KLA. Established in 1966, KERALA LAW ACADEMY (KLA) is a seat of excellence in legal education, consultancy, research and in pioneering law reforms. The Academy's prestigious institute, “the Kerala Law Academy Law College” is located in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.

About the Competition

This is the 33rd Edition of the Annual Moot Court Competition for the Kerala Law Academy Trophy. It is also one of the oldest competitions in the country and it is acclaimed by the academic community as well as by the legal circles as a trendsetter and one of the most prestigious Moot Court Competitions organized in our country. The competition has grown in prominence over the years and today it occupies a unique place in the National Calendar of Moot Court Competitions.


Participation is open to All Universities/ Law colleges/ Law schools in India.

Registration Fee

INR 4500.


All the interested teams for the competition are requested to duly fill out the form mentioned below for provisional registration on or before 15th January 2024.

Important Dates

  • Registration Deadline: 25th January 2024
  • Online Desk Registration: 07th February 2024
  • Inaugural Function: 07th February 2024
  • Briefing Session and Pick of Lots: 07th February 2024
  • Preliminary Round 1: 08th February 2024
  • Preliminary Round 2: 08th February 2024
  • Pre-Quarter Round: 9th February 2024
  • Quarter Final Round: 9th February 2024
  • Semi-final Round: 10th February 2024
  • Final Round: 10th February 2024
  • Valedictory Function & Prize Distribution: 10th February 2024



E-mail id:

Dr. Dakshina Saraswathy [Assistant Professor & General Secretary, MCS]

  • Ph: +91-9744169215

Adv. Prajitha P.G. [Assistant Professor, KLA]

  • Ph: +91-7994561860

Adv. Arun V. Unnithan [Assistant Professor, KLA]

  • Ph: +91-9446348413

Adv. Vidya V.V. [Assistant Professor, KLA]

  • Ph: +91-7907838598

Adv. Darsana S. Thampi [Assistant Professor, KLA]

  • Ph: +91-8086406054

Adv. Sachin B. [Assistant Professor, KLA]

  • Ph: +91-9446668991

Adv. Varsha G Nair [Assistant Professor, KLA]

  • Ph: +91-9656690032

Dr. Deepu S Kumar [Assistant Professor, KLA]

  • Ph: +91-9447310934

Student Convenor

  • Arya M.A.: Ph: +91-7356877165

Organizing Committee

  • Alfiya A.: +91-9961082193
  • Megha M.L: +91-9847003074
  • Nandakishore S: +91-7306241424
  • Krishna Biju: +91-7012286474

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