The announcement of 303 vacant posts for the position of Civil Judge - Junior Division came after a wait of 4 years. Judiciary aspirants have a golden chance

UPPCS(J) - 2022: DO’s, DON’Ts and Last Minute Tips to Qualify

The announcement of 303 vacant posts for the position of Civil Judge - Junior Division came after a wait of 4 years. Judiciary aspirants have a golden chance to get selected as judges in lower judicial services as the high number of vacancies provides better odds of succeeding in the exam. The exam is to be conducted on 12 February 2023. With only a few days left, each day holds great significance, which must be utilised efficiently to give a strong finish to your preparation.

These last few days are crucial to psychologically prepare oneself for the exam. Aspirants tend to make mistakes when making a strategy for these last days. Some of the things which must be avoided and the things which will boost the preparation are discussed in this article.

Things to Avoid

Picking up new topics - New topics requiring fresh reading must be avoided as they take up a lot of time. Even quick reading is not very helpful if one is reading something for the first time.

Detailed study - Aspirants must focus on the revision aspect rather than studying in detail. Short notes acquire a pivotal role at this point as one needs to cover a large number of topics in a short time.

Feeling Overwhelmed - Feeling that too much is to be done and time is not enough is common in the final weeks of any competitive exam. But rather than giving in to the stress and feeling overwhelmed, a conscious effort should be made to increase efficiency and cover the syllabus to the maximum possible extent.

Things to Do

Prioritise - Not every topic is equally important. Analyse the previous year's questions to determine essential topics for the exam, and special attention must be paid to them. Also, the areas which are not as clear in your mind but are important deserve to be prioritised.

Example - Section 11(Res Judicata) of Civil Procedure Code

Bare provisions - Bare acts are like Geeta for judicial exams. Continuous revision to memorise important ingredients of different sections must be done. These must be the top priority while making a revision plan.

Quick revision from notes - Picking up bulky books will definitely result in a loss of valuable time. Crisp notes must be available to facilitate quick revision in the least possible time.

Practising Mock tests - Having the knowledge and applying the same are two different things. Mock test practice helps in reducing this disparity. It's important to put one through exam-like conditions to catch and rectify mistakes early.

How Can Legal Bites be of Help?

You can have all the willpower and a positive attitude, but it would be futile if the right kind of tools and guidance were not present to steer the path. Legal Bites and Law Aspirants provide all that is necessary to clear the exam. The following resources will help you answer all the questions about your preparation and will help you in making a sound plan to utilise the remaining days efficiently.

Study Material - Legal Bites provides subject-wise and topic-wise notes that not only cover the syllabus but go a step ahead to ensure that all the topics of current importance are covered. These notes are prepared by experts with precision without compromising on the quality of the content which will help you expansively prepare at the same time reducing the time required to revise. Available Here

Mock tests - Law Aspirants, powered by Legal Bites, is an online mock test platform which has a dedicated test series for UPPCS (J) containing 10 full-length tests which will help you in developing the skills necessary to attempt the exam.

If certain topics are not as well prepared and there is a paucity of time, the topic-wise and subject-wise tests, along with detailed explanations of every question, will help you cover those topics. Find the links at the end.

Important Links

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Mayank Shekhar

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