Write Internship Experience

Have an idea or opportunity burning in your brain that you would love to share? Something you need to get off your chest? Is it gritty, genuine, controversial or just a bit informative? Then you might be our kind of writer! It’s time to value all our contributors and increase their contributions. We have come up with a simple layout where one user can create posts.

After the submission is in moderation, our editors can review it, decide if it’s a good fit (message you if it needs work), and schedule it for publication. Upon being published, you should be sent an automated email notification.

Follow this guideline while submitting a Post:-

1. Use only authentic sources for your research. AVOID PLAGIARISM.

2. Keep the content formal.

3. Use short sentences and small paragraphs.

4. Use headings and subheadings to enhance readability.

5. Mention case laws with proper citations.

For any further assistance let us know by writing to us at contact@legalbites.in