10 things to know about Internet Day

By | October 29, 2019
10 things to know about Internet Day

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International Internet Day is celebrated annually on 29th October since 2005. Here are 10 things to know about Internet Day:

  1. Although the invention of the internet itself became possible due to a number of other inventions, the Internet can be said to be the most important invention based upon the impact that it has had upon mankind. Internet Day is an occasion to commemorate the people behind this invention and reflect upon its journey so far.
  2. The World Wide Web is essentially a remote connection between two computers and it was first achieved on 29th October 1969.
  3. The feat was achieved by Leonard Kleinrock– a professor at UCLA, Charley Kline– a graduate student at UCLA and Bill Duvall. The three of them were working on the ARPANET.
  4. ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network which was funded by the Defense Department of the United States of America and connected four terminals severally established at UCLA, University of California- Santa Barbara, Stanford University and the University of Utah.
  5. On 29th October 1969, Charles Kline made a call from UCLA to Bill Duvall who was at the computer lab at Stanford in order to prepare to send the first message ever over the internet.
  6. Charles attempted to send the message “login”. However, he could send only two alphabets “L” and “O” after which the connection snapped. An hour later, he was able to send the complete word under the supervision of Leonard Kleinrock.
  7. Although it was Kleinrock who successfully sent the first message over the internet, J.C.R. Licklider is popularly known as the father of the internet since he was the one who foresaw the working of modern computing systems. He proposed the concept of an “intergalactic computer network” as early as August 1962.
  8. The first website ever made is still available and can be accessed here.
  9. While originally, the internet was created with a view to facilitating better communication, it has gone on to become an essential component of an individual’s life. The United Nations has declared the Right to the Internet as a human right in 2016 by amending Article 19 of the UDHR despite opposition from countries such as China, Russia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and India.
  10. The internet is a tremendous possibility that can be effectively utilized for the benefit of mankind. It is quite unfortunate that issues such as data theft, cyber frauds, cyberbullying, cyber terrorism, pornography, etc. are causing significant harm to society due to which the Internet is seen as a necessary evil by many.

Let us celebrate this Internet Day by cherishing its rich history and resolving to work towards achieving an Edenic future for the cyberspace and the Internet.

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