Online Gambling: A Brief Overview on its Legality

By | June 18, 2021
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The increasing popularity of online casinos comes as no surprise. After all, beyond the accessibility and convenience that it offers players, they generally offer a broader selection of games too. While it presents better opportunities to take home sizable winnings and have fun, it also comes with a fair amount of risk. And those who jump into gaming without knowing what they’re doing are in for a rude awakening.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to be a smart and informed player, even for those who had no experience in gaming over the World Wide Web. In this article, we’ll give you a brief overview of the state of online gambling in certain parts of the world to help you avoid any problems.


While India has always had a rich history in gambling, its house is divided on the matter. One side is pushing for gaming’s banning while another advocates its existence but with a level of regulation. The country’s federal government has yet to resolve the issue giving each state discretion on legislating gambling in their respective territories.

What this means is that the legality of online gambling will depend entirely on which state you’re in. For example, Sikkim and Goa may have legalized it, but Maharashtra has not. So, look up legal information on gambling online in India before you start gaming online.

United States

The laws behind online casinos in the United States are a lot more complex than they are in India. The 1961 Wire Act made betting an illegal practice when done over interstate telephone, and this same law applies for internet gaming. However, a new act in 2006, the act of unlawful online gambling enforcement, was established and claimed it was illegal for financial institutions like banks to fulfil transactions from residents of the US if linked to gaming activities over the internet.

But certain states have become more lax in recent years, introducing new regulations and legislations so online casinos within the country can become licensed and operate legally.

United Kingdom

Unlike India and the United States, online gaming is more accepted in the United Kingdom. In fact, anybody who is over 18 is allowed to gamble on the internet, where they can lawfully operate and even extend their services to residents of the country. If you’re based in this location, there’s no need to worry about playing your favourite games of chance online.


There are no clear and definite laws with internet gaming in Canada nor are there rules that prevent its residents from engaging in wagers online. Additionally, there are some areas in Canada where online casinos operate. It is for this reason that you must inquire about gambling online if you’re in the country.

Online gaming might be fun, but it comes with its fair share of risks. The key to improving your chances of both enjoying and winning is by being familiar with the laws in the country where you’re playing. Doing so will keep you from getting into trouble and improving the experience as a result.

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