2nd International Conference on Mediation, Law Centre-II | 22-24 April 2021

By | April 17, 2021
2nd International Conference on Mediation

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2nd International Conference on Mediation (Capacity development program & Innovative practices) is being organised by Law Centre-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi in association with Samadhan: Delhi High Court Mediation Centre and Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance, Institute of Eminence (IoE), University of Delhi, under the action research by the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice, Govt. of India.

About the Conference

Jurists have often stressed over social, economic and political Justice. In a country like India where there is unity in diversity, such diversity and unity can be preserved only through the above-mentioned ideals. Moreover, in modern times where the world has undergone drastic changes and these concepts have become fundamental to each and every participating unit of our modern world. Securing these certainly becomes necessary for a flourishing world and economy.

In a country like India, where the course of development is skewed and affecting each and every citizen, the demand for Justice is increasing at a greater pace given that a major chunk of our population still remains marginalized, deprived and destitute.

However, the cost of litigation has risen exponentially, threatening these sections of society to claim what is their legitimate right. The concept of Alternate Dispute Resolution is not new to India and has existed since ancient times. The tribes and villages in India are still pursuing such traditional methods of dispute resolution. Thus, mediation as a process of dispute resolution is not new to our nation, what is required in the changed social scenario is an effective adaptation of the traditional methodology to the new conditions. This calls for untiring efforts and devotion to be dutifully put into this process, right from its inception to its culmination into an effective practice.

In connection to this, we quote Justice Swatanter Kumar, former Judge Supreme Court of India, “The benefits of such process as mediation are further fortified from the fact that imminent legal personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Nani Palkhiwala have taken pleasure and pride in continuously settling the cases out of the court in uniting the parties driven as under by conflict and discouraging litigation.” “Santosham Param Sukham”.

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22-24 April 2021 (Virtual Mode)


The organizers invite Judges, Faculty members, Advocates, Research scholars, Entrepreneur, Students, Faculty members, and other professionals. E-Certificates will be provided to the attendees after successfully attending all the sessions.

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About Samadhan

The Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre, known as Samadhan, was established in May 2006. Its objective is to act as a catalyst in providing a healing touch to the litigating public in amicably resolving their disputes.

Samadhan is administered by a Joint Committee of lawyers and Judges that has been smoothly coordinating and supervising all its activities. It has cemented a vital and unique collaboration between the Bar and the Bench that has been able to empower disputants to amicably resolve their disputes and find peace and harmony in their lives.

About Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance (DSPPG)

The Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance (DSPPG) at the University of Delhi has been established under the Institution of Eminence (IOE) of the University. The University of Delhi has got the privilege to be declared as an Institution of Eminence by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. It aims to serve as the key platform to promote and foster excellence in Public Policy and Governance studies, research and outreach, and policy making.

The School shall be the University’s interface for engaging with the wider community of academics and practitioners in initiating, developing and sharing ideas to address various emerging domestic and international public policy challenges. More importantly, the School shall fill the existing void in building a specialized and efficient cadre of professionals dedicated to public service in India.

Organising Committee

Patron-in-Chief: Prof. P.C. Joshi, Vice-Chancellor (Acting), University of Delhi

Patron: Prof. Mahavir Singh Kalon, Professor-in-Charge, Law Centre-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Conference Director: Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, OSD, Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance, IoE, University of Delhi


  1. Khushal Garg (Student Coordinator): +91-9643546263
  2. Shubham Kumar (Student Co-Coordinator): +91-8084845441

[email protected]

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