2nd LSC Annual National Interlinking Forum- GNLU [8th-9th April,2017]

By | March 28, 2017

The GNLU Legal Services Committee (LSC) was set up by way of Section 4(k) of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 and has achieved great laurels ever since its establishment in 2007. The Committee rides on the principles of empowering the society with legal awareness, pro-bono legal aid, socio-legal advocacy and grassroots change. The LSC’s motto – “Awareness, Assertion, Action” is instilled in every member of this student run committee.

The LSC is under the aegis of the GNLU Centre for Law and Society (GCLS), which is the focal point for sociolegal research at Gujarat National Law University that facilitates interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research, study and teaching of law and society, and law and legal institutions. The Centre encourages multidisciplinary perspectives to inform analysis and debate on socio-legal issues, thereby providing the richest and most comprehensive approach to research and policy-making.

The LSC Annual Forum is an annual event which brings together LSCs/Legal Aid Clinics (LACs) from across the nation to a common platform. This is a result of the objective as laid down in the National Legal Services Act, 1987 – to provide free and competent legal aid to all citizens irrespective of social, political, cultural or economic disabilities. The idea of free and competent legal services has remained a distant reality in India because of limitations of geography, technical and financial resources and relevant ideas. It is with this vision that the LSC at GNLU is organizing the 2 nd Edition of the Forum after the overwhelming success of the 1st edition.

The 2 nd Annual Forum is a two-day event scheduled to be held from April 08, 2017 – April 09, 2017. The forum is stated to see participation from social experts, advocates and noted academicians and from LSCs across the nation. The focus of the 1 st edition was to initiate a process of creating an interlinking platform for LSCs across the country. With the success of the 1 st edition, the 2 nd edition is taking the process back to the basics. The focus of the second edition is a sound interlinking of local LSCs, state wise. The LSC at GNLU is looking at creating an interlinking platform for LSCs across the state so as to address Gujarat centric issues effectively.

For Further Details contact:

Mr. Akshay Kharbanda

Student Convener +91-9586883240

Email id: [email protected]


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