Internship Experience @ Adv. Sameer Ahmed, Hyderabad

By | January 31, 2017

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Internship Experience @ Adv. Sameer Ahmed, Hyderabad

Name, College, Year of Study 

Ch. Ashish Kumar, School of Law, KIIT University

Name of the Organization and Address

Advocate Sameer Ahmed,  Flat No. 5, Sardar apartments, Hyderabad

Duration of the internship

28 days

Team strength

He was an individual practitioner; he didn’t have any juniors under him. He himself was a budding lawyer. Office consisted of 2 rooms among which one was for client meetings and other was given to us for the research work purpose

Application procedure

He was pass out of our university so it was not that tough for us get an internship under him. He was our super our seniors suggested us to work under him. But then before joining internship we went through phone call interview, more than asking questions we were asked about are area of interests and all.


My home was there so there was no difficulty regarding stay.

First impression, First day, formalities etc

On first day we were told to come to high court directly and we introduced ourselves. on that day he had a case, we were told to observe the proceedings and research work was given on that particular case.

Main Tasks

Our main task was to do research work on the cases given to us, moreover he also made us to attend client meetings.

Work environment, people

Firstly there was no stress on us and co interns were so friendly. We enjoyed doing  the work and we used to help each other to complete the tasks.

Best things

Best thing about the internship was whenever we had any doubt regarding the work the advocate used to explain things again and again, his patience levels were so high. Every day he took an hour outside of his schedule to explain things to us.

Bad things

At times we had nothing to do in mornings, the proceedings were boring.

What did you do to chill?

There was a very good canteen inside the high court itself whenever we felt bored we used to to go there and the canteen really served good food. Co-interns were so friendly. Someday we used to go out and roam around the city; it was when we didn’t have anything to do.

Stipend/ month

There was no stipend given to us. our internship was in the month of June 2016

Biggest lessons 

What I had personally experienced is what we learn here is totally different from what exactly happens there. So we lack practical knowledge. For example- we are made to study what is writ petition and what are different types of writ petitions. Practically when we go there we are made to understand how it works and what is the procedure followed.

Author: Mayank Shekhar

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