3rd International Legal Essay Writing Competition & Symposium | Law College Dehradun

By | March 5, 2021
3rd International Legal Essay Writing Competition & Symposium | Law College Dehradun

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About the Competition

The ILSA Chapter Law College Dehradun is delighted to invite you to the 3rd Edition of International Legal Essay Competition & Symposium 2021 on ‘International Refugee Law.

The 3-year-old ILSA LCD Chapter hereby announces its third event: INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ESSAY COMPETITION, 2021. Themed on International Refugee Law, this Essay Competition envisages promoting and develop the ability of a student to think from a Global Legal Perspective, in form of a Competition of the legal drafting skills.


The theme for the Essay Competition shall be “International Refugee Law”.

The topics must be chosen from/inspired by the any aspect of International Refugee Law. Some of the suggested topics are:

  1. Understanding a Refugee and Determination in International Law: The 1951 Refugee Convention
  2. Asylum and the Principle of Non-Refoulement
  3. The 1951 Refugee Convention: A Euro-Centric Treaty or adaptive Globally?
  4. India’s Refugee Policies: From 1960s to 2021
  5. The role of UNHCR and other local bodies in Refugee protection.
  6. Reasons and Causes of Refugee Flow and the Responsibility of the State.
  7. International Law and Internally Displaced Persons: A Reality Check on India’s Citizenship Amendment Act from an International perspective
  8. Conceptualizing Forced Migration in a State-Centric World with special reference to Push and Pull Model of Migration.
  9. New Migration-Security Paradigm: Status and Content of the Principle of Non-Refoulement
  10. Refugee Communities and the Human Rights Concerns
  11. Internally Displaced Person: Status, Rights and Duties; A reality check of the Human Rights Violation.
  12. Environmental Induced Migration: Effects and Solutions
  13. Smuggling and Trafficking of Migrants and the role of the International Community.
  14. Growth of the International Law relating to Refugee

The aforementioned list is not exclusive, it is purely for suggestive purposes. The participants may either strictly adhere to the aforementioned topics or may submit their work on any other related topic on the same sub-theme, i.e., International Refugee Law.

Registration and Abstract 

  • Registration for the Competition shall be free of cost.
  • Submission of Abstract shall amount to registration for the Competition.

A brief abstract not exceeding 250-300 words, on the topic chosen, must be emailed to the organizers at [email protected] in PDF format on or before 15th April 2021. The subject of the email must be “Abstract Submission for ILSA LCD CHAPTER International Legal Essay Competition, 2021”. Each Abstract shall be accompanied by a Cover-in letter which shall include the details of the participants as to:

  • Title of the Essay
  • Name(s) of the Author(s)
  • Address of the Author(s)
  • E-mail address and contact details of the Author(s)
  • Name of the college/institution/university of Author(s)
  • Program enrolled and year of study of Author(s).

FAILURE OF ADHERENCE TO THE ABOVE FORMAT OF ABSTRACT SUBMISSION SHALL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION. Upon Successful Abstract Submission, a Unique Identification Number (UIN) shall be emailed to the Participant which shall be a proof of your registration. Once UIN is provided, the participants are requested to use their Unique Identity Number throughout the competition. The UIN SHALL NOT CONFIRM THE PARTICIPATION in the competition unless the organizers receive the essay submissions.


  1. The author with the highest score in an essay will be declared as the “Winner” and shall be awarded a cash prize of INR 10,000/-
  2. The author with the second-highest score in an essay will be declared as the “1st Runner-up” and shall be awarded a cash prize of INR 7,500/-
  3. The author with the third-highest score in an essay will be declared as the “2nd Runner-up” and shall be awarded a cash prize of INR 5,000/-
  5. Participation Certificate in Essay Competition shall be awarded, via email, to all the participants upon the successful submission of the Essay.
  6. The result shall be declared in an online Symposium, the date for the same shall be conveyed to the participants after 10 days from the date of the final submission of the essay.

Important Dates

  • Release of Competition: 5th March 2021
  • Last Date for Abstract Submission: 15th April 2021
  • Last Date for Essay Submission: 10th May 2021
  • Virtual Symposium followed by the declaration of Results: Last week of May 2021

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In case of any query please contact [email protected]uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in

Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Anjum Parvez, Assistant Professor (Law) & Faculty Advisor, ILSA LCD Chapter

E-Mail: [email protected]uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in

Student Coordinators

Rahul Kumar, Chief Officer, ILSA LCD Chapter

  • Ph: +91-79034 35470

Krishna Nigam, Event Coordinator

  • Ph: +91-73793 49929

Ritu Bhandari, Event Coordinator

  • Ph: +91-74093 07445

Reported by: Krishna Nigam

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