The 5 Most Important Casino Software Developers Operating in India

By | April 14, 2021
Software Developers Operating in India

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It’s been widely reported on this site and on others as to how the online casino industry is booming in India. Changing attitudes, rising internet and smartphone access, as well as the liberalising of gaming laws, have led to this boom. As you might expect, that means many online casino companies are looking to get in on the action in this burgeoning market.

But online casinos are only the front-facing side of the industry. Behind the scenes are the games developers, who provide the games, software and solutions to make the industry tick. Online casinos don’t produce their own games, instead licencing them from the software developers. A good way to think of it is like movie producers, with the developers in the role of Paramount, Disney, Utv Motion Pictures, and the online casino platforms like the movie theatres.

There 100s of casino software developers around the world, but, as you might expect, some are much more important than others. A casino can house several of the biggest name software developers, and such is the case with in India – a leading platform for Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt. Others might sign exclusivity deals. Most players would prefer the former, given that it provides a broader range of game styles.

Below we are going to look at five of the most important casino software developers operating in India’s growing online casino market:


Playtech is the world’s largest supplier of online casino software and games. It was founded in 1999 by Israeli businessman Teddy Sagi. The company covers all sectors of the betting and gaming industry, but it is probably most famous for its focus on what it terms “premium branded games”. This is the concept of developing slot games to tie in with, for example, movies and television shows. For example, Playtech signed a deal with Warner Bros. a few years ago to create officially branded slots based on DC Comics movies like Justice League, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.


Microgaming claims to have been the company behind the world’s first ‘true’ online casino game in the 1990s, although this claim is sometimes disputed by others who were experimenting in the Wild West days of the internet. Nevertheless, Microgaming is a powerhouse, building 100s of the world’s most popular online casino games. Microgaming is particularly noted for its jackpot network, with games like Mega Moolah offering record-breaking payouts.


A Swedish developer, NetEnt has grown from a boutique software company to one of the most important developers of casino games on the planet. One thing that NetEnt achieved was to rip up the rulebook when it came to the design of games. Titles like Starburst might look simple, but they changed the way players viewed casino games.


IGT is a company that specialised in making physical slot machines for land-based casinos down the years – and it still does today. While much of the traditional casino industry has been digitally disrupted by iGaming companies like Playtech and NetEnt, IGT still holds its own online. Some of its designs are somewhat outmoded compared to today’s trends, but IGT is a fine purveyor of classic casino games – and players seem to love the classics.

Big Time Gaming (BTG)

Big Time Gaming is – by a distance – the smallest developer on this list. However, its inclusion is merited for one reason – Megaways. This is a new genre of slot game that has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. BTG took the decision to licence Megaways technology to other developers, including NetEnt. As a result, there are around 200 Megaways games found online today, all operating under licence from BTG.

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