5th R.C. Chopra Memorial Prized Moot Court Competition, 17th -18th March 2017

By | February 8, 2017
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5th R.C. Chopra Memorial Prize Moot Court Competition

The 5th RC Chopra Memorial Prized National Moot Court Competition – 2017 is a competition based on a problem covering the various areas of Criminal Law of the country and focusing on the Army law. Our problem is based on the Army Law itself.

The previous versions of RC Chopra National Moot Court Competition had been a great success, over 40 teams had participated last year. This year’s problem is primarily focused to enable the students to collate their knowledge, aptitude, skill, cleverness and persuasive ability in concentration to present the arguments in support of their case.

Venue:- St. Soldier Law College] #74 – SF, Saraswati Vihar, Kapurthala Road, Jalandhar Punjab 144008

 Brochure comprises of:

·         The Moot Problem

·         The Rules and Regulations

·         The Registrationarrow Form

·         The Travel Plan Form.

·          DOWNLOAD_HERE

The Teams shall duly fill out the Registrationarrow form and send us the scanned copy of the same latest by 17th Day of February 2017, via email ([email protected]). 

Court Moot Coordinators

Ayush Maken   (+918968245491),  

Neha  Tuli         (+919417651162),

Akbarjit Singh  (+919888170808)


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