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About the Essay Competition:

Ambedkar Memorial National Essay competition is an effort to develop a love for the constitution in the young minds and develop a keen legal acumen and understanding of the various aspects of the magnum opus of Dr. Ambedkar. The topics have been chosen so that they challenge the participants to think outside the box, to develop a rational, critical and analytical thinking in the Students


JUDICIAL REVIEW The judiciary acts as the guardian of the constitution; over the years the judiciary has played a very important role in maintaining and preserving the sanctity of the glorious ideals of the Constitution. The role of the judiciary has changed, and it has evolved from being the weakest organ to the most powerful organ of the government. The judiciary has played varying roles in shaping the present structure of our constitution, and through this essay competition, we would like to highlight the role of judiciary in shaping modern India.

  1. The Judicial Bench. (Context: Judicial decisions in the light of jurisprudential leanings of the judges involved. The idea is to explore landmark decisions, a lot of which became iconic in shaping our constitutional history, in the light of the bench that was present and their ideologies.)

  2. Uniform Civil Code: In the light of judicial stand on personal laws.

  3. Ideation of a Living Constitution or a Dead constitution.

  4. Judicial Review of the pardoning power of the President and the Governors of India. 5. The aid and advice of Council of Ministers: The position of the judiciary in making the President a mere rubber stamp.

  5. Judicial review of Economic legislations. (Context: The judicial approach to economic legislations has always been deferential, or has it? Explore this idea, where does economic legislation stand vis-à-vis other aspects of the constitution.)

  6. Contempt of Court. (Context: The judicial stand on contempt of court proceedings have never been strict, they change as per circumstances and people involved. Examine in the light of recent events. )

  7. Chasing its own tail around the maple. (Context: constituent power gives rise to the constitution, which gives rise to the constituting power{legislature, executive, judiciary} which proceeds to amend the constitution, in effect exercising amending/constituent power, explore the idea in light of article 370 or any other amendment/ proposed amendment or any dilemma and limit yourself to the constitutional discussion.)

  8. Evolution is better than revolution. ( Context: Explore the idea in the light of history of judicial review in India) 10. Judicial review grant of mining lease granted by government

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