Best Moot Court Memorial of JMNMCC, 2019 – Aligarh Muslim University

By | March 5, 2019
Best Memorial of JMNMCC, 2019 - Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University was the winner of Best Moot Court Memorial Trophy at JMNMCC, 2019 organised by JIMS School of Law, Noida.  The team comprised of B.A. Ll.b. students Akash Varshney – 1st speaker, Afifa Fatima – 2nd speaker, and  Manikya Singh – Researcher. Legal Bites is glad to bring you the PDF version of the Best Memorial and a brief interview of  Manikya Singh. Here are the excerpts:-

Legal Bites: Hello Manikya, Congratulations. Can we start by discussing your reasons for choosing this particular moot?

Manikya: The foremost reason for choosing this particular moot was the topic of moot proposition, that was regarding adultery and as it was based on a recent decision of the honourable Supreme Court, there was a lot to look into like the different aspects for the particular decision, what was taken into concern and what should have been taken into concern.

So, it definitely was a good choice to get a chance to learn and discover regarding new aspects of the law that we weren’t acquainted with perhaps.

Legal Bites: How well were you in sync with your teammates? And what part did your teammates play in the entire preparation process?

Manikya: Cooperation is a thorough conviction to make sure everybody gets there and this is the most important ingredient of success when you are working in a team.

As far as what part my teammates have played is concerned, actually there is no one part but the whole process to which we all worked as a team and it is definitely not a one person work ever when a good team is concerned.

Legal Bites: Were there any challenges while gearing up for this particular moot?

Manikya: I would say not as such. As our moot proposition was quite interesting and when work is interesting, it instinctively drives everyone to work.


Legal Bites: What was it like once you reached the host university? What was the level of the competition?

Manikya: Well, It was a good start with the warm and humble welcome that we got from our escort. We were well received and treated by the respected professors and volunteering students there. The competition was quite much there with 36 teams from all over India for sure. But so far as initial competition is concerned, to an extent, it depends on the individual performance of the team like it was to give it the best shot.

Legal Bites: Any Pro-tips for the future researcher regarding the preparation of Memorial?

Manikya: I would say,  read your moot proposition quite a number of times to get proper understanding and clarity. Then, start with a clear thought of points. Finally, proper research really matters and always reserve time to review your final drafted memorial well and it is for sure would be surprised that no matter how many times you have gone through it, you would find errors and possible changes to be made.

Legal Bites: Thank You Manikya.

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