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By | November 26, 2017
Blame not the Education, Folks! - Legal Bites

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In India, education is a matter of ages. Some Indians can be illiterates but no one can be uneducated. Going back to the days of Gurukul, we can find the archery test held among the Pandavas and Kauravas by Drona. Only after the test, he comes to know the potential of Arjuna. After the test, he gives attention to each of his students concerning their own talent. Such an education system is advisable.

Today’s education system is not completely lacking. A memory poem in “Kambaramayanam” would be recited repeatedly in our schools. During a lecture, the guest made a mention of this poem and the allotted lines and said that this poem is the best of all that Kamban had written. If this poem is known, the person has read Kamban at his best.

English is also not an exception. The lessons in supplementary readers include “The Stolen Bananas”, “Diamond Necklace”, “Holiday”, “The Last Lesson” etc. All these lessons are high stimulants of emotions and sympathy. On reading all these lessons, one would get to put oneself in the shoes of others before committing any crime. These lessons are the saviors of the souls.

Not only languages but even the science subjects had their own standards. Zoology and Botany are introduced in 6th standard with the classes, families, divisions and other things. The book even teaches that Father of Botany is Theophrastus and Zoology to be Aristotle.

Physics with SI units and Chemistry with valances and symbols of the chemicals are taught. The books will also show the names of the chemicals and their symbols. All the books tell the meanings of the symbols and their etymology. Physics books teach the students the scientists credited with the inventions and the units derived from their names. All these details help students to know things. It is with the students to update things.

Not everything can be accumulated in the text. There is a ridiculous saying that when comics are a part of academics, even they will not be read too. It is only in the search of knowledge that knowledge grows. Newspapers and Internet are blessings. Updating could be done even with these. Students will update until a brand is given to the students.

The very moment, a teacher or a parent says the child to concentrate on exams, the child loses its interest in reviving old things to learn new things. Everything goes well. The education takes its turn only by class 12. This period demands thorough attention but is two-fold- marks and knowledge.

Students who want knowledge go with their own intuition of studying by updating and reviving things. Some students who are under the domination of their elders follow the path of earning the numbers, the so-called “marks”. A student who scores marks must not also be secluded. His hard work should be appreciated. Nevertheless, those who fail to score marks are not completely dunce. They have their own talents.

Kindly blame the education system not the education collectively. I apologize to say that it is only the people who blame are the people responsible for the ‘ruin’ in the education system. It is a matter of blaming the rider and not the mare!

Though education system is standard, there must be a unified education system. India is a land of beauty in diversity. However, that must not exist in education systems. This difference is similar to the difference in the financial sphere. Let us work to make India, a great educational hub of the world. My History book taught me that Nalanda and Taxila Universities had elite alumni like Chanakya and so on. We shall bring back those glorious days of academics to India, which the great people of India wished.

– Sivashruthy Namachivayam

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