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By | June 24, 2021
Building a Career in International Technology Law

LawSikho is organising a FREE 3-day Bootcamp on Building a Career in International Technology Law from June 26-28, 2021.

Feeling the pandemic and lockdown blues?

Feeling worried about your career prospects in the apparent global meltdown in today’s market?

What if we tell you, that much of the meltdown is actually a myth?

While many are struggling to find means to sustain, global tech-MNC-s like Tesla, Accenture etc are growing immensely in these times.

The ongoing rapid expansion of the tech-industry, from what the market-pundits say, is here to stay!

This growth is fuelled by the massive influx of Blockchain technology, AI, e-commerce and so much more!

E-commerce growth is predicted to rise from 15% in 2020 to 25% in 2025.

Artificial intelligence (AI) market value is expected to rise by a whopping 38.7% by 2026.

This stellar growth is leading to a massive upside for tech lawyers. Newer and newer job opportunities are rising for experts in the legal field.

An increasing number of law firms, including all top tier ones, are using technological solutions. Knowledge in Tech Law is thus not only useful but is an increasingly essential tool for your career growth as a lawyer.

It is not just a handful of tech-sectors like Blockchain, AI, IoT and B2B eCommerce that are seeing a massive growth rate.

Innovations have led to the growing use of technology in more conventional sectors like finance, agriculture, energy, smart cities, environment, e-governance, cyber-grievance-handling and so many more!

Don’t miss out on the breath-taking growth opportunities as a tech lawyer.

Your prospects for career development as a lawyer in the technology industry are lucrative and multiple today!

India has emerged as a market leader in fintech. 84% of the world’s fintech absorption happens in India!

Laws and legal systems are also catching up.

For instance, in 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) published a circular on “Prohibition on dealing in Virtual Currencies” like BitCoin and Dogecoin.

Apart from this RBI has been regularly sending out notifications about online payment systems, FinTech companies, GST on cloud computing services etc.

As a result, fintech solutions based, e-commerce based and AI-tech companies are frantically looking for lawyers to regulate and grow their operations in the Indian market.

This situation of high demand and low opportunity for tech law skills is being seen worldwide.

The net result being, opportunities for technology lawyers are on the rise globally.

Do you not want to make the most of this global growth?

Join our FREE ONLINE 3-Day Bootcamp on Building an International Career in Technology Law, June 26-28, 2021 6-9 PM IST

Here, you will learn from the experts how you can acquire the requisite skills to be employed or engaged as a technology lawyer

You don’t need a degree in science, or engineering, or background in computers to understand and excel in tech-law.

This bootcamp promises to be your ticket to professional success as a tech lawyer!

And all these, in just 9 hours across 3 days!

Don’t miss this opportunity!


What will you learn

  • What are the opportunities in technology law for young lawyers and why this practice area is growing exponentially now
  • Step by step roadmap for you to secure various global opportunities in technology law – remote freelance work, in-house positions and law firm jobs
  • 5 most important concepts that every lawyer must know to perform tech law work
  • List of services needed by e-commerce companies from lawyers
  • How do tech companies make money
  • What services are provided to influencers? What are the legal problems that they face?
  • How to draft a software development agreement (Agile Model)
  • How to reach out to startups in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere and help them with their legal needs
  • How to draft E-Commerce Cancellation, Returns and Refunds Policies for e-commerce websites
  • How to draft an API Agreement
  • How to review and mark-up an End-User License Agreement

Who should attend this bootcamp:

Lawyers who are:

  • Interested in building a career in technology laws – you can work in the technology practice of Big Law Firms or in boutique law firms, or in tech companies.
  • Interested in working in in-house legal teams of Big Technology companies and fast growing tech startups in Silicon Valley, India, or elsewhere.
  • Looking to pursue international LLM soon.
  • Stuck in dead end jobs that pay less and make you work too much.
  • Not finding a job due to the bad job market in the pandemic.
  • Dreaming of a legal career in the USA or UK.
  • Young lawyers looking to work in research roles or in policy teams of public and private sector organizations.
  • Litigators who want to cater to the legal needs of the technology industry.
  • Company secretaries and accountants who want to provide additional high-value services to their clients around technology laws


If you attend this bootcamp then you will get free templates (in PDF) of the following documents which will help kickstart your tech law career right away:

  1. Template of Software Development Agreement
  2. Template of an End User License Agreement
  3. Service Level Agreement for Cloud Services (Software/ Infrastructure/ Platform as a Service)
  4. Master Services Agreement
  5. Statement of Work
  6. Change Order
  7. API Agreement
  8. Terms of Service for an online app
  9. E-Commerce Cancellation, Returns and Refunds Policy
  10. Prohibited Content Policy for a Social Media platform
  11. Terms and conditions for advertisers on a social media platform (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  12. Subscription Services Agreement for an OTT Platform
  13. UDRP Complaint Template for cybersquatting


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